A Tribute to Andrew Cunningham


A Tribute to Andrew Cunningham
27-05-1935 – 07-04-2017

Around mid-2014 a very sprightly, enthusiastic, well dressed, older gentleman approached me at a Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP) function in the St Kilda town Hall, St Kilda, Victoria.

His name was Andrew Cunningham. He expressed much interest in the  Party and our policies and said he was already a member but would like  to Join the team and become a Candidate.

Not long after that he made an appearance at a Candidates meeting, he then became a regular attendee at our party meetings, in preparation for standing as the RUAP representative for the Victorian Legislative Assembly seat of Keysborough. I was really impressed by his passionate attitude and charismatic smile, which left a warm presence around you even after he had gone from the room. Andrew Cunningham was in my view a man with a mission nothing was  too much trouble, and I did not see him as giving up on what he set his mind to do.

Andrew you were an inspiration to me and to others in our Party. It has been a pleasure knowing you over these last few years of your life. Thank you for your support of Rise Up Australia Party, our policies and Judeo Christian values. And thank you for setting the example and showing us, you are never too old to follow your heart and take on the challenges of your convictions.

I know that now you will be enjoying a well-earned rest from your labours; God Bless you.

Yvonne Gentle and the Rise up Australia Party Team


RUAP Member, Len Brown would also like to give tribute to Andrew.

“Andrew was an inspiring man, always telling me about people that he was encouraging even though he was suffering silently himself. Andrew knew his time was short, but it did not stop him from praying for others that were sick. These people were greatly encouraged through the time he was willing to spend with them. I saw people recover after he had encouraged and prayed for them. My Friend Andrew never stopped; when he knew he had to do something, whether he was physically able didn’t seem to matter he just kept on keeping on.

In some ways you remind me of myself Andrew, when I think of your tenacity it helps me to keep fighting the good fight. The Sky‘s the limit you have shown me that. Now you can take a break and Enjoy God’s Blessings”.

Your Mate,


Andrew Cunningham’s Funeral details:

April Wed. 19th, 10:30 am.

Renowden  Chappel

Springvale Cemetery

Princes H W, Springvale.

Refreshments will follow the burial.


Posted on April 18, 2017 in Rise Up Australia

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