Anthony Calabro – House of Representatives Candidate for Casey, VIC.

Antony Calabro was born on the 8th of August 1968, the eldest child of Italian immigrant parents. They came to Australia with nothing and built a family grocery business which supported a family of 5 children.

Antony attended school at St Phillips Primary in Blackburn, followed by Mt Lilydale College. He then achieved a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) degree from the Victoria University of Technology in 1999 and worked as an Analytical Chemist from 2002 to 2010.

Health and fitness are Antony’s passion and He was very disenchanted with the Pharmaceutical industry at that time. When the opportunity came in2010, he obtained a redundancy package which enabled him to pursue his passion.

He has now been running his own Health and Fitness business for 9 years, managing employees and looking after clients.

Antony married 12 years ago and has 2 children a 9 year old son and a one-year old daughter.

“I am your typical Australian! I love all sports especially Aussie Rules & Basketball. But my greatest achievement is my family”, Antony proudly states.

Why did Antony Calabro choose Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP)?

“Maybe it chose me”, he suggested.

Antony believes there are many reasons: first and foremost is an issue the major parties don’t even talk about, which is to protect the Christian/Judaeo values that this nation was founded on.

He states, that the values which we take for granted such as Freedom of Speech, the rights of the parents to decide what’s best for their children not the government, and following the Australian constitution instead of following outside interests, should be basic to the Australian way of life. And, most importantly common-sense policies, like simplifying government and putting Australians first! “This country was known for taking the ‘Mickey’ out of people not political correctness. Antony says. Political correctness is a tool that is used to stop people from saying, ‘Hey hang on a minute, that’s not

Antony says, that people are labelled racists and bigots when all they are really doing, is stating facts or expressing an opinion (freedom of Speech) He also says, that expression of unpopular views should still be voiced lest they die a natural death, just by way of being unpopular. This he believes, is part of our Freedom of Speech.

“I could go on and on but it’s the policies that count, and RUAP have ones that I agree with 110%,” says Antony.

Other comments by Antony: see below **
** “If governments stop one voice, they can stop all. Governments should work for the people who are
their employers.
Governments must follow the constitution which was set up to protect all these values.”

“What is most important is the leader!
Very rarely do you have a leader that has true integrity, honour and common sense upholding the Christian / Judaeo values that this country was founded on and that which our war veterans fought for. That’s why I am with RUAP.”

“ Research Daniel Nalliah / Freedom of Speech. What he has done for this country few people know

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