Anzac Day Memorial

This tribute to our brave ANZACS of the past will be hosted by:

The Railton Hotel and Rise Up Australia Party.

The Railton Hotel

The Railton Hotel, Tasmania


Rise Up Australia Party

Salutes our ANZACS  

April 25th 2017



A beautiful feeling of yester-year can be found in this heritage hotel, situated in Railton, near Sheffield, South of Davenport in Beautiful Tasmania. The hotel will be hosting an ANZAC MEMORIAL on the eve of ANZAC day on the 24th April. The memorial will start with a meeting at 7.00PM. Finger food, coffee and tea will be served.

Yvonne Gentle – RUAP National Secretary will introduce the memorial by focusing on the ANZAC values, the courage, endurance and sacrifice the young soldiers who fought for our freedom and liberty.

RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY is a party who believes Australians should embrace their patriotic values. We are motivated by the great deeds of bravery and mateship that our Anzacs contributed to our present ethics and lifestyle, and also grateful to be led by the universal values of fairness, justice and freedom for all, given to us largely by their sacrifices.

On this note the event will also be the occasion for a reflection about the state of things in Tasmania and the real lives of the People, with the readiness to listen to any feedback and real life experience in the attempt to see if any macro-economic formula or political behaviour could be the cause of slow development, prosperity and inequality.


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