Ashwin Puvimanasinghe – House of Representatives Candidate for Isaacs, VIC.

Ashwin (Ash) was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1964. He had his early education at Royal College Colombo, the best boys school in Sri Lanka. Ash studied Law at the Sri Lanka Law College, and joined his father’s legal practice upon completing his legal studies in November 1987. On the death of his father a few months later, Ash took over as the head of the legal practice, at the age of 23. He practised in areas of corporate law, Trade Mark Law, conveyancing, wills and company secretarial practice.

Ash was a keen swimmer while in Sri Lanka and represented his school and country. Ash still swims for recreation and exercise. He loves watching Australia play cricket and also enjoys AFL and Rugby League.

Ash is married his beautiful wife Shan in 1993 and they have two sons, both of whom are Commerce students at the University of Melbourne. Ash and his family migrated to Australia in January 2006. On arriving in Australia, Ash completed further legal studies at the University of Melbourne, and was enrolled as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of Victoria. Ashwin is now working as the legal Advisor as well as in office administration for the Rise Up Australia party and Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries.

Ash and his wife attend Reformation Harvest Fire Church at Hallam and are involved in many church activities.

Ash and his family became Australian Citizens in 2008, and consider this to be their single biggest achievement since migrating to Australia.

Ash Puvimanasinghe is appalled at the manner and the speed at which Australian values and the way of life is being eroded and destroyed by the policies of the major political parties. He joined the Rise Up Australia Party to be a part of reclaiming and preserving our Australian way of life and to keep Australia Great for many years into the future.

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