Australians be vigilant!

Don’t allow BIG BROTHER to squash our FREE SPEECH

We are so encouraged and grateful to see and hear our Prime Minister Scott Morrison boldly and freely speak of his Christian faith in God, and shamelessly praying for the nations needy, as the nation watches on. This is not only a great step for freedom of religion in this country, but it also shows that our prime minister has not been gagged by ‘Political Correctness’, instead setting in place the principals of freedom of speech.

Please take the time to peruse these 3 very important points of interest/ current issues. We encourage our members to support and get behind the people that are standing up for our basic freedoms and Judaeo – Christian values.

1. PM Scott Morrison and his wife Jenny, led thousands of Hillsong Conference attendees in prayer in Sydney last night. The PM prayed for military veterans, young people fighting mental illness and farmers struggling with the drought. He also prayed to break the curse of suicide in Australia. Please take time to acknowledge God for giving Australia a true, Christian, believing, praying Prime Minister’. Click on the
link below to watch a video of our PM in prayer.

NSW Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has organised Senate Petition across Australia for a Religious Freedom Act.  Attached is Senate Petition and several other documents that will assist you to fully appreciate the danger to religious freedom in Australia. Please take time to read them, sign the Petition, contact to your local Federal MP and  Senators in your State/Territory  and raise your concerns with them.

3. The British don’t have freedom  of speech anymore. This is a warning to Australia, that if we do not stand up for our right of freedom of speech, we could lose it. Please follow the link to watch a video on Tommy Robinson.

Also very interesting to watch … Britain’s free speech crisis

Britain’s free speech crisis

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