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Rise Up Australia in action – Federal Election 2019.


CONGRATULATIONS PM Scott Morrison. THANK GOD. Prime Minister Scott Morrison leads Coalition to miracle election victory. Prime Minister Scott Morrison leads Coalition to miracle election victory.

Vote 1 Rise Up Australia Party

Rise Up Australia Party (The Christian Conservative Patriotic Voice )

How we vote on the 18th of May, will determine our destiny to a great extent. We must make sure PM Scott Morrison is re-elected , as he is a Born Again Christian. RUAP will get behind PM Scott Morrison to make sure that he is re-elected. Attached is a link to a 15 second…

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Anti-Muslim Rise Up party scores top Senate spots in NSW and Queensland

A right-wing anti-Muslim party has secured prime position on both the NSW and Queensland Senate ballot papers. The Rise Up Australia Party uses a “Keep Australia Australian” slogan and lobbies against Islam and multiculturalism. Its leader, Sri Lankan-born evangelical pastor Rev Daniel Nalliah, came to national attention in 2007, when he won on appeal a…

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Rise Up draw first on NSW Senate ballot

Rise Up Australia has secured prime position on the Senate ballot paper in NSW, which will feature more than 100 candidates. The right-wing political party on Wednesday drew the coveted first spot on the ballot, ahead of the Liberal-Nationals in fourth place and Labor in 10th. Read more …

Refugee – Asylum Seeker Policy

Where should Australia stand on refugees?  Do we have a duty of care to our own citizens first before others, or should we be a halfway house to the world? It seems like we are attempting to do both. Christmas Island detention centre infrastructure should be put to good use as an off sure medical and…

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For all those who donated to RUAP s Fundraiser for Farmers, please see the letter below which conveys … A BIG THANK YOU FROM OUR FARMERS!

Rise Up Australia Party recently raised money through members of RUAP for our drought stricken farmers. this letter is their thanks to the members who donated.

Lest We Forget

It was a sad day on March 15th when a white Westerner opened fire on unknowing mosque attendees in Christchurch New Zealand. I think it was a shock to everyone around the world as it is probably one of the very first times that a westerner has committed an act of terrorism on any Muslim…

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Australia has the resources to solve our Energy Crisis, but the Powers That Be won’t move on it.

It is said that we are paying the highest electricity prices in the world but it is not the cost of producing the power that is causing the elevated prices we pay; power is not just getting more expensive as the cost of living goes up, but instead it is the largest denominator in our…

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