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The case of Ardmona/SPC etc.

Questions/ and Suggestions

1. Why doesn’t the Government simply take a page out of the Turkish government tactics and buy the Ardmona Factory? It is a going concern.

2. Ask the American based company to sell it back to Australia.

You could then run it as a Government owned enterprise until you can either sell it off or sell the shares to the good folk who work there, either way it buys time, and keeps a taxable enterprise going, and the good folk who work there happily employed.

Do they not realise that all those folk who will become unemployed as a result of the parent company failing in its obligations to provide a viable financial company, will result in them being on unemployment benefits, and many being liable to lose their homes/ or go bankrupt?

3. You already have corporatised many of the government departments that were supposed to be run for the benefit of the public, but now are run for the benefits of money and proficiency, for services where possible, i.e. the Postal departments. So why not use your economic abilities to prevent further demise of businesses in this country, and take over, buy them out, and then sell them partially or 49% of the shares to the workers or public of this country.

This way Our country –Australia may even remain Australian!!

Taxes earn by Australian businesses – may even stay in Australia.

Instead of being owned by every financial wizard – from all over the world, just because they have money.

You do realise that these persons who ‘roam’ around, buying all over the world are not too concerned with morals, traditions, laws or social mores – so long as they can own this land and do what they want, make money! Their God– being money, or/and power, they cannot seriously entertain the idea that there is anything wrong with that, and will convince any person in a government position of their great intentions to own part of Australia, and help businesses here.

SO isn’t it time that the federal government of Australia decided to be a wee bit patriotic and stop selling Australia like a common whore to anyone who wants a bit of her!

Think about the future of our Children, and those who follow, not about the money you will make each year, or in a government term of office. At the present rate of money lost by bad financial practices and or overseas parent companies ripping off the profits to prop up their other businesses; Australia will cease to be able to pay for basic services by the year 2020/ or shortly thereafter.

Are you Australian or for Australia!

Start using your economic gurus and prevent future losses of financial


Survey Monkey – SPCArdmona

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