Breaking News: Rise Up Australia Party Registered with AEC

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Rise Up Australia Party was registered with the Electoral Commission this week and is ready to take its place as the new face of common sense in Australian politics at the next Federal election.

According to Party President Daniel Nalliah, its slogan of Keep Australia Australian sums up what Rise Up Australia is all about. “We want to restore to Australia the common sense values and traditions which have made this country one of the best and most stable democracies in the world” he said in Melbourne today.

“For too long over recent years we have seen a slide into a politically correct  “nanny state” where minorities are dictating their fringe element views to the rest of mainstream society and demanding we all conform. For example, free speech is under threat in this country under the Racial and Religious Vilification laws which prevent open public discussion about Islamization in Western countries. These laws needs to be repealed,” said Daniel Nalliah.

Daniel Nalliah fought a five year court battle with the Islamic Council of Victoria who sued him for reading out of a Koran in public. He was totally vindicated, but this sort of thing should not be happening in our country where tolerance, a fair go and free speech have always been part of our traditional heritage.

Rise Up Australia Party recently commented on the story from a major Dutch newspaper where Jihad was declared on dogs, when a Muslim  politician tried to have dogs banned from the Hague on religious grounds. In case you think that couldn’t happen in Australia, the Queensland media  carried a story some time back about the Yellow Taxi Cab company in Brisbane having to sack Muslim taxi drivers who refused to carry blind people because they were accompanied by guide dogs.

“This is not about religion” said Daniel Nalliah. “The Australian Constitution says the government cannot make laws in respect of religion. Contrary to Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and a host of other religions, Islam is an ideology which encompasses and prescribes rules for the religious, legal, social and private lives of Muslims which are contrary to the Aussie way of life.  The Sharia or “divine” law of Islam undermines the separation of powers and rule of law which is fundamental to our freedoms in this nation. “

In an ABC article on May 17 2011, Jacquelyn Hole reported that the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils made a submission to the Federal Parliament’s Committee on Multicultural Affairs, asking for Muslims to be able to marry, divorce and conduct its financial affairs under Sharia law, arguing that all Australians would benefit if Islamic laws were adopted as mainstream legislation.

Already we are seeing a division of public space such as separate swimming times for Muslim women in public swimming pools in Australia. This type of apartheid shows no respect for our culture or way of life in this country.

Australians are tolerant, easy going people who extend a helping hand to all immigrants who come to our shores. We are a nation of many races, many religions, many skin colours, many diverse ethnic backgrounds, and this is healthy and desirable, according to Daniel Nalliah.

“But we only have one culture here, and that is Australian. I am a migrant to this great country. I came here because it offered me a better life than my original country of Sri Lanka. I love Australia, its  people and its way of life and I don’t want to see that undermined by cultures who have no desire to assimilate” Someone needs to stand up for our Australia  culture and values – which is the reason why people come here in the first place. I am willing to put my hand up and go to Parliament and tell the Government that the Aussie way of life is worth preserving” he said.

Rise Up Australia Party has many other issue they will tackle, such as restoring the Australian manufacturing industries, supporting Aussie farmers and producers, protecting the traditional family unit, and reversing the trend of catering to minorities at the expense of the mainstream majority.

“There are minority groups demanding all sorts of things which the average person does not want. We will field candidates across the nation for the Senate and the House of Representatives who are willing to stand up and be counted for the ordinary Aussie,” said Daniel Nalliah.

Daniel Nallliah is available for interview

Please phone media contact- Rise Up Australia Office (03) 9708 6691


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  1. Mark Anderson
    February 21, 2012 at 2:06 am ·

    Can’t wait to vote for an uncompromising Christian Party in every election.

    God Bless you all.


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