Can You Believe this is really happening??

… They now tell us that a child as young as 3 years can decide TO CHANGE his or her Gender if HE OR SHE Feels they are really not the boy or Girl they were born as ! ! !

A boy-aged-5-returns to school as a girl in Britain!

A few weeks back I went to Sydney and attended a forum hosted by Greg Donnelly, MLC, NSW State Parliament. The Forum was held in the NSW Parliamentary building and we had the pleasure of spending the day being enlightened by 6 prominent speakers on the subject of, Gender Fluidity and Child Dysphoria. One of those speaker’s was Dr John Whitehall,  whom I was delighted to be able to speak with at some length and also share afternoon tea with. I attended this Forum at the invitation of Ed Sparrius from the Advocacy Group, CAUSE (Coalition Against Unsafe Sexual Education)

There is a link (included below) to the transcript of Prof Whitehall’s video on Psychological Treatment
Alternatives. There are 12 points he writes on. This video is also on the CAUSE website.

1: It challenges the Conversion Therapy bans.

2: It is multilingual so almost anyone in the world can be referred to it. They can pick a language and read it on the website.

3: It includes a link so the pdf version can be downloaded and also a link to a website where the downloaded pdf can be translated and saved in the new language.

Dr Kirsty Entwistle — Clinical Psychologist speaks out on how she was bullied by colleagues who had a different view to hers.
Gender Dysphoria – Another doctor from a gender clinic exposing how kids are being fed hormones and pushed towards surgery to change their gender.

For all those who are interested in Prof John Whitehall and his teachings on Childhood Gender Dysphoria, CAUSE have now produced transcripts of his 12 videos that can be read online, and the pdf versions can be downloaded. They can be found under the Homepage>RESOURCES>PROF WHITEHALL VIDEO TRANSCRIPTS Scroll down to Walsh & Prof John Whitehall a 4-minute video well worth watching. Then down one more to check out Professor John Whitehall. Childhood Gender Dysphoria.12 separate videos.

Hope you are able to gain some of the truths that are never openly talked about when it comes to the subjects of Gender Fluidity and Child Dysphoria.

Thank you for reading this.

Yvonne Gentle.

Please Note: As mentioned above, there is also a translate feature on the CAUSE website.

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