Carol Wong – House of Representatives Candidate for Boothby, SA.

Carol’s country of birth is Singapore, however, she has lived in Australia for most of her life. The family emigrated to Australia when she was a child. They had previously lived in Perth while her father studied there. As a teacher, her father spent some time in Wagin, in the south-west of Western Australia.

Moving back to Perth, Carol spent her high school years at Como Senior High School, then studied at Murdoch University, gaining a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature. As a teenager, She enjoyed painting, music and being involved in the university’s theatre productions. She enjoyed singing, especially being involved for several years in a capella class.

Her preferred vocation was to be a school teacher because she found her high school years rewarding, but that fell by the wayside. Instead, she attended the Canberra College of Advanced Education (now Canberra University) to do the Court and Parliamentary Reporting course, a graduate diploma.

Beginning work meant any potential hobbies falling away because of the constant travel. Building her career consumed a lot of the time; it was long hours and intense concentration all day. The only constant for Carol has been her faith in God, knowing the Lord and having more time to spend with Him when she was at home.

Working as a court reporter was her singular work (in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide) until a physical inability caused a “sideways” step to working as an editor/scopist in courts, arbitrations and tribunals. Carol currently works freelance and travels for her employment, mainly overseas in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Dubai.

“Why did I join Rise Up Australia Party”? Carol states, “Ps Daniel Nalliah came to Adelaide a few years ago and spoke at my church and I was excited by his testimony. When he spoke of having a political party with Christian/Judaeo values and policies, and challenged us with a 12-month commitment to supporting it, I was moved to do so. Having a political party committed to policies in line with the Word of God is, to me, such a hope for Australia. Policies in line with our Judeo-Christian heritage can only bring blessings to the nation. With the extreme liberal/left agendas and the loss of truth, we need people in parliament and government with a solid moral compass, the Truth, Carol insists.

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