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World Cup

Rise Up Australia Party congratulates our Socceroos on beating Iraq last night, and wishes them success in the World Cup in Brazil.

The Week That Was

In the previous week, RUAP Facebook has discussed the very real threat of Islam; P.M Gillard’s gender wars – no threat to constructive politics at all – and the trend of money and celebrity vying to win your preferences at the ballot box. After publicity in the Daily Telegraph, and a roadside confrontation with the…

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The World’s Smallest Sledgehammer

A favourite saying of mine is “There are 3 kinds of lies……………lies, damn lies and statistics” Wayne Swan said last month “the high dollar, and lower terms of trade, have resulted in a $7.5 billion sledgehammer hit to revenue in the federal budget” Wayne Swan was in fact referring to Labor’s previous figures whereby they…

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After 6 years of ducking and diving Wayne Swan has finally chosen to play the one card that he hasn’t up until today……the Credibility Card.  Unlike normal pre-election budgets he has chosen not to go on a vote buying spending spree, but has finally admitted that the current Labor government has botched the economy. We…

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Resistance Movement Growing to Islamization of France

Some people responding to our Facebook posts have called us racist and alarmists. They continue to bury their heads in the sand, along with politicians from the two major parties, and try to convince you that there is no problem in Australia from the growing muslim immigration. Rise Up Australia Party, along with other secular…

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Why is everyone running down poor Julia?

Why is everyone running down poor Julia? Like the Islamic Council of Victoria, she has a big place in our hearts. If it wasn’t for the muslims taking us to court, and Julia’s bad management of the country, we wouldn’t be getting so much publicity. Please Labor government, ………………… something! If you don’t, there will…

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Of race, religion and politics Date:  March 10, 2013 The Age – John Elder With its anti-Islam, anti-multicultural stance, Danny Nalliah’s Rise Up Australia Party has been compared to One Nation. But will its policies win seats in the Senate? National president of Rise Up Australia, Danny Nalliah, left, and below speaking at the election…

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Finally the penny has dropped. Our self-serving Government has decided that we should all become muslims. After all, Islamist leaders for decades have declared that there would be millions of muslims “on the street”, world-wide, not in protest but in peace, and rejoicing, if only the rest of us would follow ‘the Prophet”(Mohammed)! Surely there…

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