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A Country is Known by How They Treat Their Own

The Broken Human Rights Record: China Vs Australia By Rosalie Crestani I have long been concerned by the current and historic horrific human rights record of the Chinese government, as the greatest reason to be cautious in local community dealings linked to China, whether in economic or cultural partnerships. Economic partnership with the aim to…

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On the Topic of Abortion

Currently in NSW they are deliberating over the… ‘Reproductive Healthcare Reform Bill’ 2019 which has been passed in the Lower House and is as yet, to be passed in the Upper House. As this bill is not yet law there is hope that the Upper House will vote with compassion and for justice, recognising the…

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Can You Believe this is really happening??

… They now tell us that a child as young as 3 years can decide TO CHANGE his or her Gender if HE OR SHE Feels they are really not the boy or Girl they were born as ! ! ! A few weeks back I went to Sydney and attended a forum hosted by Greg…

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Australians be vigilant!

Don’t allow BIG BROTHER to squash our FREE SPEECH We are so encouraged and grateful to see and hear our Prime Minister Scott Morrison boldly and freely speak of his Christian faith in God, and shamelessly praying for the nations needy, as the nation watches on. This is not only a great step for freedom…

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Persecution in the West.

Felix Ngole, was expelled in 2016 from his social work course at the University of Sheffield for quoting Bible verses on Facebook that affirmed traditional Christian marriage and the sinful nature of homosexual marriage. This matter ended up in the Court of Appeal, which held, that the university that was ‘lacking insight’ in not understanding…

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Courts of Heaven – 16th – 18th August

This is a reminder that  that Pastor Robert Henderson, the author of the book ‘Courts of Heaven ’will be ministering again at Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries Melbourne (formely kown as Catch The Fire Ministries)  from August 16th to 18th 2019. Please see brochure for more details.

From prisoner to White House in 24 hours

The following is an amazing story of a Pastor who was sentenced to 35 years in prison in Turkey. This story, is a powerful testimony of answered prayer and God’ds miraculous hand at work. This Pastor was falsely accused and sentenced to 35 years in prison, but was miraculously released and ends up praying for…

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Who or What is Islamophobic?

And are we Islamophobic because we say no to Muslim immigration? Referring to the burning down of Notre Dame … I read this statement below: “Twitter and YouTube struggled to take down conspiracy theories being pushed by both anonymous accounts and verified white nationalists who spread Islamophobic theories about the disaster.”

Rise Up Australia in action – Federal Election 2019.

Thank you so very much to my wonderful family, team, Candidates, helpers and supporters. ‘Most of all Thank God for the win’. VOTE 1 – Rise Up Australia Party – Keep Australia Great.


CONGRATULATIONS PM Scott Morrison. THANK GOD. Prime Minister Scott Morrison leads Coalition to miracle election victory. Prime Minister Scott Morrison leads Coalition to miracle election victory.

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