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Dear friends,

1) You may click the following link to watch a short video clip that appeared on Channel Nine News (0:13-0:29) from our recent Free Speech Rally outside the Victorian Parliament in Melbourne.

2) RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah had the opportunity to address several meetings in Katherine and Darwin, NT over the past weekend. Also travelling with him was his Media Officer and Cameraman.

The 4 day tour started with a one hour radio interview, which was very interesting, as the radio host became so excited and challenged when he heard how Mr Nalliah was most miraculously saved from possible execution in Saudi Arabia more than 15 years ago.

That night he also spoke at a Women’s Aglow meeting where the people were absolutely challenged to Rise Up as they heard him speak of Australia, our Judeo-Christian heritage and the need to keep Australia Australian.

The next morning he addressed a Breakfast meeting and spoke on how RUAP has already started to make a difference in the political arena.  Many people joined the party and pledged support.

The highlight of the tour was on Saturday night when many Aboriginal people turned up for the meeting.  This meeting, interestingly enough was held at the Charles Darwin University Hall.  At this meeting something amazing happened as all the Aboriginal people, and all people who have come from other countries to call Australia home, came out to the front. They stood up and acknowledged them and then asked them forgiveness for the wrong done to their fore-fathers. Then they thanked these dear people for opening their country for all us to come and live in it, and call Australia home.

Then the Aboriginal people told the others, “we accept your apology and welcome you into our country. Thank you for bringing Christianity to us.” As this happened many started weeping. There were many tears of joy as white and black people hugged and said how much they love each other.

Then all joined hands and sang “Bind us together with cords that cannot be broken”.  There was tremendous healing and reconciliation.

On Sunday morning and evening he spoke at a church where many Aboriginal people came for this service. Towards the end of the service, many people who had never had a hug from their biological father asked Mr Nalliah for a hug as they saw a sincere heart of true love in him. The rest was history.

We were all so encouraged as many lined up for a hug. As they received a hug they started weeping. Many Aboriginal people lined up too. Generally these beautiful people are very shy, and would not ask for a hug, but on this night they just fell on Mr Nalliah’s shoulder and many of them just wept and wept. Many received real healing in their body, soul, spirit and mind.

Many said that they have never ever seen anything like this before.

Mr Nalliah stated, “Our nation is desperately lacking the true Father’s love. It breaks my heart to see how many people have never ever received a hug from their father.  Many young children turn to drugs, alcohol, violence, homosexuality and many get pregnant, which can result in serious depression and even suicide, because they’re all looking for love, but end up in a bigger mess.

I hope and pray that we will step out of our comfort zones and go the extra mile to love these people who are looking for love.  May God bless our nation.”

The last meeting was on Monday night in Darwin. Many came to the meeting and were greatly challenged and encouraged not to give up but to Rise Up Australia to Keep Australia Australian.


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  1. Bienne
    June 28, 2014 at 3:47 pm ·

    God bless you all who look to Jesus who loved us and gave himself for us all so that we may have love toward God and then toward one another in Christ also.

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