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abbott_knightA move to re-establish the practice of having dames and knights is a sign that Australia is maturing as a country. During Australia’s early years of British settlement we looked to the mother country for our cultural nourishment. The shock of being weaned when Great Britain turned its back on us in 1942, resulted in Australia turning to her big sister the United States for misguided policies, while we competed with our nearest sibling rival – New Zealand.

As Australia matured into its teenage years, vocal minorities used emotive language to Urge Australia to reject our heritage and to move forward on our own. Anything from the past was spurned. Anything the vocal minority disagreed with became taboo. Free speech became stifled.

At last Australia is maturing into a stage of early adulthood where, like a young family we can finally adopt the good things from the country which gave birth to our current form. At the same time, we can grow our own new family of Australians forward under the unifying banner of the Southern Cross!

Including Dames and Knights, in the Australia Day Honours List, adds to our rich cultural heritage.

If the language is a bit old fashioned for some, then let’s update the wording (dame sir) to address people with special honour regardless of political persuasion.

Rise Up Australia values our heritage and believes in celebrating our diverse backgrounds. We have come, as the new force in Australian politics, to the conclusion that no longer should we resist and spurn our roots of righteousness. The reward for acknowledging our past is not a staid or old-fashioned hangover. Its fruits are honour, and a raison d’etre, for an otherwise disillusioned youth.

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