Daniel Nalliah speaking about a new ISIS terror threat in Australia

Please watch & share thus brief video from RUAP leader Daniel Nalliah speaking about a new ISIS terror threat in Australia.

New Islamic State magazine encourages lone wolves to kill Australians – 7th Sept 2016 – Kim Stephens

“A FRIGHTENING new Islamic State magazine has encouraged lone wolves to attack and kill Australians in public acts of terror

“Kill them on the streets of Brunswick, Broadmeadows, Bankstown, and Bondi. Kill them at the MCG, the SCG, the Opera House, and even in their backyards,” an article published on Monday in the new English-language online periodical urged.

“Stab them, shoot them, poison them, and run them down with your vehicles.

“Kill them wherever you find them until the hollowness of their arrogance is filled with terror and they find themselves on their knees with their backs broken under the weight of regret for having waged a war against the believers, and by Allah’s will, and then through your sacrifices, this Ummah [community of Muslims] will be victorious.”

You may keep reading this media article at the following link.


Posted on September 8, 2016 in Rise Up Australia, Sharia

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