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Dear Valued Members,

It seems that the nations around the world are losing their rights to Freedom of Speech! Below is a link to an excellent 8-minute video clip on the wrongful treatment and imprisonment of Tommy Robinson in the ‘Un-United Kingdom’ Australia’s so called, ‘Motherland’

# Free TommyRobinson: Over 400,000 Sign Petition Demanding Release of UK Activist

There are a few points I would like to bring to your attention about the events in this video.

*Firstly: this event took place last Friday.

*Tommy Robinson was reporting from outside the courthouse where the alleged Muslim Paedophile was on his last day of trial – We would consider this action to be perfectly reasonable, after all this is his job, to report on public interest concerns.

* He was reporting on information that had already been published in the public domain, on a BBC News Web-site.

* Suddenly a police divvy van arrives, there are about 6 policemen who arrest him, bundle him into the van and whisked him away. – for what crime?? reporting on an alleged Muslim law breaker.

*Tommy was ‘trialled, sentenced for 13 months, and imprisoned within hours of his arrest. The speed at which this took place is unbelievable, unjust and unheard of in this country and most western civilisations to my knowledge.

*The crowd could not believe what was happening as Tommy was not causing a disturbance.

*The English Justice System appointed their own lawyer, who was not aware of the circumstances and did not know Mr. Robinson.

*Tommy was put into Leeds Prison, one of the most dangerous institutions in England, supposedly for Britain’s most hardcore and dangerous prisoners. Incidentally, it is reported that there is a high Muslim intake in Leeds.

*His sentence is that of what some paedophiles might receive.

*The judge issued a ‘Gag’ on the Press making it illegal for them to report on what happened to Tommy Robinson, his sentence and the proceedings leading up to it. What is going on here?? this is clearly unjust and unfair to all concerned. .

*The British Public were denied the knowledge of the truth. The right to know what their Government is doing to innocent people who are reporting on matters that give the public awareness of what is happening in their nation.

Tommy Robinson has done nothing wrong, but what he is being subjected to is unjust, unfair and criminal. It is the Government authorities that should be in prison for their crimes against humanity, as this is what this is.

We need to wake up in this country or we will have the same as what Britain has, people imprisoned because they dare to speak out about politically incorrect situations, or because they choose to educate the public on the imminent danger that lies ahead if they don’t take up their rights and call their governments to be accountable. If we fail to elect into our parliaments people who are not politically correct; people who are not afraid to inform us of the dangers of Multiculturalism and people who uphold Godly principals, we will be subject to a loss of our freedom and rights. We will become prisoners in our own country for being Australian.

Our President Daniel Nalliah fought a five-year court battle with the Islamic Council of Victoria, who sued him for religious vilification, and he won. It took 5 years of his life, his family’s life and 600,000 dollars, but in the end, he won a victory not only for himself but for the nation of Australia. His case reversed laws and gave this nation back much of the freedom of speech it had lost through the vilification laws that had been introduced in late 2001. These laws that had been introduced because of Multiculturalism and Muslim pressure put on our governments, to change legislation to that which was comparable to the lands from which they had supposedly fled, to come to Australia.

This is very significant! England did not have the common sense to say no to Multiculturalism and Islamic Law and look where it has brought them. Some world leaders are waking up but sadly it seems too late! Western society as we knew it is almost gone from our democratic nations.

Fellow Australians: wake up! Do you want what is now bringing England, once a great nation, to its knees? If the answer is NO! Start saying NO! To Multiculturalism; start expressing yourself; speak out for your rights to be heard. If you don’t stand up now we will have a society like Britain sooner than you think. We must choose wisely the people we elect to our Parliaments.

Rise Up Australia Party is not afraid to speak the truth, we are not afraid to stand up for Godly values which are just and fair. We believe the laws of this nation are based on these values which are best for all people. Also we believe all citizens have the right to choose to live together in peace according to the laws of the land. All people have the right to benefit from the rewards of their own hard work.


Below is a recent update on Tommy Robinson’s situation, and also a petition, should you feel to sign it.
By: Ezra Levant
UPDATE, MAY 29, 2018:
This morning, our lawyer advised that the publication ban on Tommy Robinson’s case was lifted! British media will now be permitted to report on this outrageous case, as foreign media have been doing. We will still continue with the petition to the Attorney General asking for an investigation into the unacceptable circumstances of Tommy’s case — please sign that here.
And we will stay in touch with Tommy’s family and provide legal or financial assistance if they request it.
Ezra Levant

Hope this video is an eyeopener for you.
Take care, and God Bless,

Yvonne Gentle
National Secretary
Rise Up Australia party
PH: 0414 870 453

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