Attorney-General attacks Mr Nalliah over anti-Islam remarks

In an article by Cameron Lucadou-Wells in the Dandenong Journal February 25, 2013 Mark Dreyfus attacks Daniel Nalliah on his views on Islam. A copy of his statement in the article is reproduced here.

“ISAACS MP and federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has condemned anti-Islam political aspirant Daniel Nalliah’s views as having “no place” in Australia. Mr Dreyfus held up Greater Dandenong’s 150-plus nationalities as a “tremendous example of a modern, diverse and harmonious society”. “We are a nation that believes everyone is entitled to a fair go — no matter what your background or religious beliefs,” Mr Dreyfus said. “Past mayors of Greater Dandenong have been of Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Buddhist faiths and I am proud to be part of a society that affords equality of opportunity to every individual. “Multiculturalism is a fundamental part of our modern nation, and an example to the rest of the world.””

What he forgot to mention in the article is the fact that if you omit Melbourne City then Dandenong has the highest crime statistics in Victoria for the last 5 years. In the latest released Police Crime Statistics there are 691 postcode reporting areas. The crime rate in Dandenong is higher than the combined total of the 323 lowest areas. Hardly what you would call a harmonious society!

As Daniel Nalliah said in the article “He is living in the past”.

Multiculturalism has been denounced by many European Statesmen. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany’s attempt to create a multicultural society had failed completely. Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron denounced European-style multiculturalism, saying: “We have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and apart from the mainstream. “We’ve failed to provide a vision of society to which they feel they want to belong. We’ve even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run completely counter to our values. “France’s former President Nicolas Sarkozy and Spain’s former leader Jose Maria Aznar, have agreed with Cameron and Merkel, that multiculturalism has failed.

If Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus believes what he is saying, and is convinced that he is correct, then he should take up the challenge to debate Daniel Nalliah on TV. It is time that politicians were accountable for the words that they so loosely throw away to the press. Our view, however, is that he is not brave enough, and will just hold out until September 14th when he will be changing jobs once more.

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  1. Mikhail Hunter
    March 1, 2013 at 8:15 pm ·

    Yes phil, the jews are all but gone in the Middle east, Their dissapearance started around the time of the inception of “THE JEWISH STATE”. read into that what you will, I know I would be wasting my time elaborating.

  2. Wali
    February 28, 2013 at 10:10 pm ·

    Is history repeating itself?
    In 1880 a German professor Heinrich Von Treitschke lay the “scientific” foundations of anti-Semitism and warned of increasing Jewish immigration to Germany, declaring that Jews are a strange element in Germany, do not want, and are incapable of integrating into the life of the country.
    The Israeli writer Shmuel Attinger said in his Hebrew book “The history of Jews in the modern era”, some of the causes which led to the emergence of anti-Semitism, were condemnation of the Jewish religion by some, and regarding Jewish particularisms as a barrier to assimilation and that Jews were incapable of integrating into the society they live.
    Anti-Semitism gradually spread between different sections of the European society and especially when political and social organisations exploited it for political gains.
    It is ironic that your party is unashamedly today launching exactly the same propaganda campaign but replacing Jews with Muslims. You are declaring that he is against Islam saying “Islam is not a religion of peace and warning against Muslim immigration. You are playing on the ignorance of Islam, creating fear, tension and distrust. Indeed, you are taking us back to the Crusaders zealous anti-Islam hatred of the tenth century.
    Despite your attempts to cover up on your hatred and racism against Muslims, it is not hard for any thinking person to discover your contradictions, racist message and real aims. You used the tactic which late Edward Said describes in his book “Orientalism” “the airy condescension of damning a whole people generally while mitigating the offence with a cool ’I don’t mean you in particular.’”
    The result of the Crusaders and the Nazis’ terrible crimes are known to us all, but as if they didn’t learn anything from their Crusades and anti-Semitic history, we are once again witnessing the birth of Australian racist party with its ugly head, replacing Jews with Muslims. We, increasingly, see it through offensive and provocative propaganda campaigns, cartoons, films and physical attacks that are spreading through the world. And now with the support of local interest groups, they are trying to bring their poisonous hatred to Australia.
    DN is not the first Australian anti-Muslim and won’t be the last.

    We refuse promoters of anti-Jews, anti-Christians and others to enter Australia, so why do we allow promoters of anti-Muslims to do so? If someone is said against Jews and Judaism what DN is saying against Islam and Muslims should not be allowed to spread his racism and disseminate the poisons of his hatred in our society. It is shame on the government to allow this and shame on his supporters to praise his raciest attitudes. There has to be consistency, unless we are not all equals.
    Yes, there are bad and extremist Muslims as there are in every religion and community, but why this concentration on Muslims? The attempt of some racists to use a trivial minority to distort the religion of over one and half billion humans and about half million strong Australians should not be allowed.
    It is time for some to know and accept that Islam is the second religion after Christianity in Australia, and that Australian Muslims are an integral part and parcel of the Australian society and they are here to stay. No one, other than the Aborigines, should have more rights in Australia than the other. All these attempts to isolate the Australian Muslims from the society and the spreading of fear and hatred against them will only bring animosity, hostility, division and violence to our Australian society; is this what DN and his alike are trying to achieve?
    The ugly face of racism and fascism is rising and if it is not seriously confronted by all, government and people, we are condemned to repeat history as if the slogan “never again” does not apply to all of us.

  3. Phil.
    February 27, 2013 at 2:06 pm ·

    Mark Dreyfus has to be on the other side of the moon. Dreyfus, of course, whether he owns it or not, is a classic Jewish name. How many jewish synagogues, do we wonder, leave alone Jews, as human beings, are there in the countries his happy islamic imports originate from? His countrymen in those nations are mostly gone, zero, kaput. Murdered or expelled. He sees the same world view here and boasts about it! Someone invite him to paradise Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia! Mathematical facts do not lie.

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