First Public Announcement on the steps of VCAT

Daniel Nalliah interviewed by AAP & 3AW at the public announcement of the Rise Up Australia Party

Radio 3AW & AAP interview Daniel at the Public Announcement

Dear Fellow Australians,

The first public announcement of Rise Australia Party to Keep Australia Australian was a great success.

The event which took place yesterday on 22nd June 2011 at the steps of the Victorian Civil Administrative and Tribunal in the city of Melbourne on the 4th anniversary of the historic victory for Freedom of Speech in Australia, attracted the attention of some of the main media outlets.

Daniel at the Announcement of the Rise Up Australia Party

Dr Daniel addressed the gathering of around 80-100 multi-ethnic patriotic Australians and challenged them to stand up now and protect our Judeo-Christian Heritage, Freedom of Speech and all the other great freedoms that our forefathers fought for in our nation of Australia. He also honoured the Australian diggers who sacrificially laid down their lives to protect our freedoms.

Click on this link to hear an interview of Dr Daniel Nalliah on Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM.

Click on this link to read a very good article with an older photo of Dr Daniel that appeared yesterday 22nd June in the Herald Sun.

Click on this link to read where
the Associated Press also published a very good article that appeared in many major newspapers in many states across our nation.

Here are some more links:

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Please send in your membership forms ASAP. You can print it from this link.

Rise Up Australia – Keep Australia Australian

Mark Anderson
RUA Party Admin

Posted on June 24, 2011 in Discussion, Interview / Media, Rise Up Australia

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