Global Warming Treaty 20/12/2015 / Please read this very very important article from Daniel Nalliah

Dear friends,

In the book of Proverbs in the bible it states, “For a lack of knowledge, My people perish”.

We must stay vigilant and be on the attack, rather than be on the defensive.

In December 2009, the Global Warming Treaty was all ready to be signed at the Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen. To the best of my understanding, once a country signs in they are bound under the UN One World Government agenda forever. In other words, there is no “Get out Clause” in it at all.

The then Labor Government was ready to sign the treaty, with Malcolm Turnbull, who was then the opposition leader, ready to do the same. This resulted in a leadership challenge in the Liberal Party on 01/12/2009, and Tony Abbott was elected as their leader with a vote of 42-41.

Tony Abbott took a stand against signing the Global Warming Treaty, so the Australian Parliament did not have the numbers to approve such a motion. Thus Australia and Canada, with Christian PM Steven Harper, did not sign the document.

In 2015 December there is going to be another Global Warming Summit and the climate change mob are doing everything they can to get Australia & Canada to sign in. The danger of doing this is that we as a sovereign nation, could lose our rights and come completely under the control of the UN One World Government agenda.

To the best of my understanding, Canada will have its elections this year and the global warming faction is doing everything it can to get the current PM, Steven Harper, out of office so that they can get Canada to sign the treaty. In Australia, because the next federal election is scheduled only for November 2016, the global warming mob wants to pre-emptively remove Tony Abbott our PM from office, and lodge Malcolm Turnbull as PM so that they can get Australia to sign the treaty as well.

Thank God that Tony Abbott survived the leadership spill!

We now need to cover the PM’s office and team in much prayer. However this may not be enough. We must also actively lobby against Australia signing this Global Warming Treaty. You must write or  personally speak to your local MP and clearly inform them that you don’t want them to support it.

A few months ago we had Lord Christopher Monckton working with us for a season in my office.  He released this very important message. Please make sure to watch this short 3 minute video. It could save our nation!

Thanks, and may God bless you,

Daniel Nalliah
Rise Up Australia – National President

Posted on February 20, 2015 in Climate Change, Rise Up Australia

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  1. John
    February 26, 2015 at 7:28 pm ·

    I have also heard rumours that the reason they want to get shot of PM abbot is due to the up coming Paris UN convention. Make no mistake, I’m not exactly sure what is going on in the world, but the policies of most western Governments at the moment does not seem to have the interest of their law abiding tax paying public who placed them in power.

    From Europe to Australia our current way of life hangs in the balance, because everything gets promoted as long as its not shall we say Anglo Saxon or christian. And excuses are made for the failings of all other cultures!
    UKIP and Le Pen are making in roads in Europe. Abbot who at the moment is Australia’s best bet and may have enough sense to stand up and preserve our way of life, hangs on just!
    But they reckon that the UN wants total control of the world, hence the global climate agenda and the mass immigration to all western countries to destroy those annoying citizens who wish to keep their nation states!

  2. John
    February 24, 2015 at 10:56 am ·

    Hello all

    I also believed that the current intensive push to remove Tony Abbott had a lot to do with Mr Abbotts opposition to the Global warming “hoax.”

    I have viewed Lord Monkton’s videos; and wholeheartedly support his revelations about this discpicle hoax being “imposed” upon eother gullible or complicent nations.

    The Global elite have one goal and one goal only. Their goal is to subjugate and dominate the enitire world system via lies; deception; and subterfuge.

    We know that God is not the author of confusion; and look around the globe; and what do we observe? Confusion reigns!(reminds me of the prophetic scripture in Revelation that says; “the seas and the waves roaring – referring to Peoples being outraged and at each others throats).
    The shadow government; (the international banker cartels); are at the root of this confusion. How? By fomenting religious divisions through MULTICUTLERALISM – a U.N. platform);

    They are implementing several “prongs” to distract; to divide and conquer; and then to distract the masses via enternatinments; sports; mindless TV and movies; and then “CON”vince the gullible public that we must turn to our Governments to “save” us from the every confusion they are creating in most minds .
    They create “crisis” after crisis through “false flags” and then theymn offer “their” sinister solutions.
    Meantime they remove more and more of citizens rights; as they gradually “try” to take control over EVERY aspect of our lives.
    I say “try” deiiberately; because whilst we know that “they” serve the “god” of this world; yet the true Jehovah God’s will shall be done.

    I am not really concerned if Mr Abbott should be removed; (if so; the powers that be will “think” they have another small win in their quest to achieve their ultimate goals); because in the short term they may “seem” to be winning; however, in the end, God will have his way.
    Praise His mighty name.

  3. Ken
    February 23, 2015 at 9:06 am ·

    A big thank you – I hadn’t thought about what you said, I just thought no new treaty would be agreed upon, but your email fits it all together.



  4. Sharon
    February 23, 2015 at 9:04 am ·

    Thank you Danny for this important email.

    I originally watched Lord Monckton’s video which CTFM alerted us back in 2009 and actually downloaded the leaked UNFCCC document, from the YouTube clip.

    I copy of this rambling document was placed onto a CD and I gave it to a Christian woman who use to be a lawyer and worked for Fred Nile. She said back in late 2009, that this UN climate change document, had no contract date – countries were locked into it forever and it rested on 3 pillars – one world govt, technology and finance.

    Although the Copenhagen Treaty failed, many countries like Australia signed the Copenhagen Accord – by Kevin Rudd (then MP). It assigns our sovereignty over to the UN and we have to pay millions to the UN each year so that developed countries get our money to to prevent climate change. This is an untruth. Millions of $ from signed up countries have gone to Muslim run govts in Africa & Sth America. The UN Accord asks for signed up countries to cough up money from their economies to be paid through the World Bank to the Green Climate Fund. I liken it to a hidden “Dhimma” – which is a tax or levy imposed by Muslims onto non-Muslims to provide a degree of protection.

    Abbott got rid of carbon tax in July 2014. My MP is a Labour MP Sharon Bird – Wollongong Cunningham and will probably ignore requests to NOT sign this December, 2015 treaty, as Labour originally introduced the Carbon Tax.

    Will pray about December 2015. VERY IMPORTANT. Thank you for the “heads up”.


  5. Graeme
    February 23, 2015 at 9:03 am ·

    Dear Daniel,

    I personally support Tony Abbott remaining as PM. It would be a retrograde step for the Coalition to install Malcolm Turnbull in that position for the following reasons:

    Tony Abbott told the Coalition that any Liberal or National MP that crossed the floor on the Gay Marriage vote would lose his shadow portfolio. Malcolm Turnbull was on the airwaves calling for a conscience vote.

    Malcolm Turnbull s a republican and during the Keating years led the push to turn Australia into a republic.

    As Opposition Leader Malcom Turnbull strongly supported the introduction of an ETS.

    Some interesting points on Climate Change.

    Since Julia Gillard caved in to the Greens and broke her promise not to introduce a Carbon Tax:

    Brisbane had its worst flood in its history.

    NSW had its hottest month on record

    Sydney had its hottest day on record

    I recall other climate records being broken but I cannot remember what they were

    However since Tony Abbott abolished the Carbon Tax Canberra’s summer top temperatures have in the main been in their mid to high 20’s.

    With the exception of WA the states which have been affected by bushfires were all states that in their most recent election installed Labor Premiers. Qld did the same no more than a month ago and received 200 k winds yesterday and now looks like it could be in for another flood.

    Canberra, where I live, now has a Gay Chief Minister since or former Chief Minister resigned her post to take up a vacancy in the Senate after Kate Lundy resigned from her Senate seat.

    NSW is about to face an election so we need to pray that the Liberal Government remains in power.

    Blessings in Christ,


  6. Mario
    February 20, 2015 at 2:21 pm ·

    Hi Guys,

    If you’re not already involved in the below, maybe you could have a look at getting involved.

    Obviously read between the lines of the article. This has nothing to do with racism, but has to do with the protection of our Judeo-Christian heritage.


  7. James
    February 20, 2015 at 1:02 pm ·


    Thanks for that video link. I am aware that Mr Turnbull is a Rhode Scholar ie the scholarship set up by Cecil Rhodes to promote One World Government agenda. Interestingly, so was Mr Abbott.



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