Great meetings in Dalby & Kingaroy, QLD with local media RUAP

garoy at campaign meetings RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah spoke at six meetings in two days in Kingaroy & Dalby, QLD.garoy at campaign meetings

As the vision of RUAP was shared, the people shouted for joy.

The Rise Up Australia Party public meetings went very well in both locations as many people were greatly impacted by our National President Daniel Nalliah’s speech on Multiculturalism and how to Keep Australia Australian.

We were so thrilled to see many at the meetings taking membership forms, and some filled them up right there. Others offered to help and a couple of people indicated that they were willing to stand as candidates.

garoy at campaign meetingsRUAP National President Daniel Nalliah also met with one of the local Indigenous leaders who welcomed him to share about RUAP with his community and stated, “You have brought hope for all of us.”Indigenous man embraces RUAP and National President Daniel Nalliah

You may click the following links to read newspaper articles which appeared today in Kingaroy regarding the RUAP meetings.

Posted on February 27, 2013 in Interview / Media, Rise Up Australia, Sharia

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  1. Matt
    March 6, 2013 at 9:13 am ·

    I support your party and would like to see you replace the greens in parliament, I don’t want to waste my vote if you have no chance.

    Consider TV, radio and flyers to spread awareness as I believe most Aussies are passionate about keeping Australia Australian but are unaware of this party and the choice they now have.

    It’s only a small window till the election and all that’s been seen so far is interviews by heavily biased interviewers. Not good.

    Get the message out in the right manner and fast, the Facebook page needs near 100k likes to really be effective in social media.

    Good luck, watching with interest and hope.


  2. Gwenda
    March 4, 2013 at 9:05 am ·

    Well done RUAP. Congratulations, Gwenda

  3. Phil.
    February 28, 2013 at 8:46 pm ·

    “If a Government is going to import on mass a culture and religion that has nothing in comparison with the host nation isn’t it our duty to find out why?”
    Graeme raises a very relevant question. It should be on the mind of every Australian. For decades we have been informed of women’s rights, animal’s rights, the importance of the environment, racial tolerance,and being good little world citizens of a somewhat left-wing, but at least, not a nazi, society. We seem to have a bunch of people, like lawyers, discussing this in parliament. They appear to be getting the facts from somewhere distinct from the real world. Some appear to be under the thrall of a belief that they are winning their case, with applause and approval. Makes them feel good, like a drug.
    Women’s rights? Saudi, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan — full of females in governmental roles, aren’t they? The women are literally in danger of being shot in some instances — not to mention being in danger of other things — if they so much as look sideways at their lords and masters. But that’s just the feminism angle. The environment, of course — enough said (or, enough sand?) — animal welfare?–that’s where our animals get the red carpet — religious and racial tolerance? Nothing from here to the horizon but mosques — excepting the odd black hole, bombed mosque.
    Half way between MeinKampf and, Mad. Just, Mad.

    Our lawyers in Parliament are handling the case, sounds good, makes them feel good. What case? Mad? If it is the case of the global village, the Lord Mayor and councillors (U.N.) are dominated by –guess what world view? — well, if it’s not Islam, it certainly has a taint of something reminiscent of MeinKampf, with a dash of Marxism, and graft and corruption. Our parliamentarians, some of them lawyers, are busy mouthing off a brief they have been handed or that they have absorbed from somewhere out there.
    Women’s rights? Animal’s rights? Racial and religious harmony? Really? Does this come via legal, lawyer- type arrangements with the U.N.? Or what? Who or what is handing out the formula? Europe, filling itself with descendants of idealogical aids and allies of Hitler? The U.S., with a seeming supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood at the helm?

    We once were a colony of Great Britain, and most of us were pleased to be so. Great Britain ruled the world. Today, Great Britain barely rules Great Britain. Follow that lead?
    What are we playing at being a colony of, now? Isn’t it time to declare adulthood and independence according to the rights of Man? Liberation, anybody?

  4. Graeme
    February 28, 2013 at 9:18 am ·

    Hi Daniel, I watched the Sunrise interview with David Koch and noted that Koch (with some sarcasm) was going to “double check” on the validity of your statement that the Islamic Federation of Australia had twice called for sharia law in Australia! Well I have and it is true. Will David Koch now publicly acknowledge that your statement was correct?
    Ps if a Government is going to import on mass a culture and religion that has nothing in comparison with the host nation isn’t it our duty to find out why?


  5. Ms Grills
    February 27, 2013 at 9:55 am ·

    Hi: would you please pass this email on to Daniel as I would like him to read Scott Morrison’s reply to me and hopefully have time to listen to his speeches, as listed below.

    This reply came after I had sent Scott the link to Danny’ s speech on “Multiculturalism”, following Scott’s reference to “multiculturalism” in his Australia Day address.

    This man is a committed Christian and I am liking more and more of what I see in him.

    Heh Danny………..just for the record, I believe he will be PM one day. A REAL statesman.

    Kind regards, Ms Grills

    Dear Ms Grills,

    Thank you for your recent email to Mr Morrison regarding multiculturalism.

    Please be assured Mr Morrison has carefully noted your comments and kind words. He has asked me to respond on his behalf I regret the delay in replying.

    Further to your comments, Mr Morrison believes firmly there is one law in Australia for everyone, regardless of culture or religion. For your interest, I have attached the links to three major speeches Mr Morrison has given on these issues;

    The Importance of being us, Sydney Institute October 2010

    Our Nation, Address to the 2011 Federation of Ethnic Community Councils of Australia Conference

    Building a great nation of citizens, Address to the Wentworth Forum 2012

    In these speeches, Mr Morrison argues that not only must we protect our borders, we must protect the borders of our values. There are many values we embrace as a nation work, trust, respect, tolerance, virtue, fairness, mateship, equality as well as more formal values such as liberty, democracy and the rule of law.

    We know what they are, we know when they have been honoured and we know when they have been violated. If one objects to upholding these values or having such values imposed upon them as a condition of citizenship, then we really should be concerned.

    Our values as a nation are important as they define the liberties we enjoy and the degree of license for such liberties. Liberalism accepts that without such protection, all liberty is threatened. These values must frame the civic and social institutions that protect our liberties and provide the foundation for social harmony.

    Thank you for your support and for taking the time to write to Mr Morrison on these important matters.

    Yours sincerely,

    Elizabeth Pearson
    Office of Scott Morrison MP
    Shadow Minister for Productivity and Population
    Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship
    Federal Member for Cook

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