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Bill MuehlenbergMay 24, 2013 – Bill Muehlenberg of CultureWatch

Dear friends

One. OK, so I wrote four articles on the London terror attack in 24 hours . It is because all this is really very important. The streets of Sweden are on fire. Beheadings are taking place on the streets of London. Five-year-olds are being raped and tortured to death. When will we wake up to the fact that Islam is not quite a religion of peace?

Two. The MSM has a lot to answer for when they act as apologists for Islamic jihad. A pox on all of them:

Three. If we refuse to identify the enemy, we will never prevail against it. Indeed, seeking to appease the enemy and whitewash it will only result in our own destruction:

Four. While we all must be concerned about creeping sharia and stealth jihad, we must also pray for and seek to reach our Muslim neighbours. We must try to do both at the same time, as difficult as it may be: resist jihadism and love individual Muslims:

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  1. Bruce
    May 29, 2013 at 10:12 am ·

    Dear all,

    I attach a letter I sent to my Bishop regarding Islam in Australia and have requested his response.

    In addition to my letter I suggest that you read two articles in the Australian newspaper date 28th May under the headings of, Swedish riots expose schism and Cassandra Wilkinson, We Must Stand up for our Values.

    It would seem that there are many who choose to close a blind eye to the real threat of Islam to our Western Culture or who just do not want to be seen as negative or who are afraid to speak out.
    We need to look to history. Take an unbiased look at the man Mohammed and then his methods of conversion of towns and villagers to his beliefs.

    Recognise that he first tried to convert Jews and Christians to Islam by peaceful methods following his writing the first section of the Koran.
    His efforts to convert peacefully failed so he took to the sword with great success. He then wrote a later edition of the Koran from Medina endorsing his use of force as a means of conversion. In the world today things are no different.

    He Married a girl of 6 was he a paedophile?

    Again look to history. Protestant Kings and Queens planted Protestant enclaves in Irish Catholic villagers as a method of conversion how did that turn out.
    Now we have Islam establishing enclaves in English suburbs and towns the results will be no different. Civil disobedience by non Muslim English just like the Irish did for generations.
    However unlike the English of to day who have and are enacting laws against their own people to assist the Islam dominance the Irish did not.

    Is the future of those following Western Culture in the UK to be consigned to a small part of Briton like Protestant Northern Ireland?
    History tends to repeat itself when history is ignored by generations of our educators.

    We Australians should look to Europe today and history to see our future.
    God Bless

    • Nat
      May 30, 2013 at 11:32 am ·

      I agree Bruce. What’s happening around the world is truly horrifying given the large number of people who are ready to cry “racist” without first knowing the facts. They, along with the our politicians and media are facilitating the spread of this militant,supremacist ideology which seeks to “subdue”(in the words of the Koran)and oppress non-Muslims everywhere. Deception and confounding the facts are their weapons of choice. It’s working well- people can’t seem to tell the difference between racism and the mere discussion of a religion/ideology. Not all ideas are the same or equally acceptable, deserving our respect and tolerance. The consequences of different ideas are what set them apart and to ignore this is suicide. Too late to pretend that everything’s going O.K.

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