Ian Erskine – House of Representatives Candidate for Corangamite, VIC.

Ian Erskine was born in Nyah West in 1949. and moved at a young age with his family to Geelong . He completed his schooling education at Geelong Grammar, enjoyed many years involvement with the Corio Bay Rowing Club and the Western Beach Boat Club, and enjoyed motorsport with the Western District Car Cub.
As a child, he would visit ships at Cunningham Pier, trading coins and teaching English to visiting sailors.

The Erskine Family operated a family business called Erskine’s disposals which Ian operated, with the help of other family members for 18 years.
Ian has been involved with various ventures in his life, including the manufacture of toolboxes and foam inserts for tools.
He along with his first wife, lived in Melbourne for 20 years. They had 2 children who are now successful, and living professional lives.
Ian remarried and returned to Geelong. He now operates a health and wellbeing business called Silver Health, supplying antibacterial, antifungal products.to the Health food industry.

Ian is very passionate about the future of Geelong, his city, and his country of Australia. “We are at a crossroads, he says, we recently commemorated ANZAC day to remember the fallen. We must never forget the efforts of our forefathers who fought to give us the values we cherish, those which are too easily undermined or discarded”.

Ian believes the values of Australian culture have been built on immigration, of those willing to call Australia home, wanting to succeed and wiling to work to that goal, all doing their part to make one Australia. His aim would be to keep it that way by choosing immigrants that want to integrate into Australian way of life, share Australia’s values, reaping their reward for their own hard work, and respecting the national heritage that everyone can share.
“The Rise Up Australia Party seeks to preserve the Christian/Judaeo heritage we have and advance the nation with sound policies and protect the values that identity us as Australian”,says Ian.

Vote 1 Ian Erskine for Rise Up Australia Party on May 18, you’ll not regret it.!

Connect with Ian Erskine on phone: 0418 466 662 and/or Email:

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