Is RUAP Racist?

10830519_739175516171541_8107002953910771392_oUnderstanding what Racism is and is not:

Having dealt with the misconception of ‘Far Right’ I’d like to move back to the subject of Racism and why it is that the Left, mainly the Greens, Labor and some of those that are of the Islamic persuasion, call us racist when it is clear according to the Oxford dictionary definition that we are far from that.

The dictionary states the following:

Racist:   An advocate or supporter of racism; a person whose words or actions display racial prejudice or discrimination. Also in extended use: a person who is prejudiced against people of other nationalities. Cf. RACIALIST n.

Clearly we have displayed none of the above. However if our accusers are referring to dialogue on our anti Islamic stance, warning the nation of the dangers of Islam, the cruel and violent administration of Sharia Law and the Islamization of our western society, then they really have not understood what racism is.

To start with Islam is not a race! There is not one race of people that are solely Islamic. People that adhere to the Islamic/Sharia Law Ideology are world wide of African, Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern and European origin and are commonly known as Muslims. Islam has been cunningly disguised as a religion only, to gain the sympathy of the poor uninformed average Westerner. The reality is, that a religion only – it is not – and peace – it does not promote. True Islam is a regime that has its sights on world government and control. And if people would only listen carefully to what Muslim leaders say, they would realise that world dominance is their strategic plan and not just careless scare talk. Islam is also a culture that practices and lives by Sharia Law. This is a law system that advocates and practices female genital mutilation; Bigamy and polygamy (having more than one wife – actually up to 4); chopping off of hands for crimes like theft; marriage of adult men to female children as young as 6 years; Killing of infidels(non Muslims) especially Christians and Jews by beheading if they do not convert to Islam; beheading those that speak against their Prophet, Mohammad (called blasphemy laws) and the barbaric list goes on.

Islamic/Muslim people are taught to live by the teachings of the Koran, however not all do and there are varied renditions of what is called the Muslim faith; where all acknowledge Allah as God all do not follow the traditional belief system and its violent teachings. There are some Islamic people who embrace peace and ignore the two thirds of the Koran that advocate violence and the practices of sharia law.

How Does the dictionary define Islam?

The word `Is-lam` is Arabic ‘isl m, – meaning:   submission, from ‘aslama’, to surrender, resign oneself.

It is:

  1. The civilization developed by the Muslim world.
  2. The people or nations that practice Islam.
  3. A monotheistic religion characterized by the acceptance of the doctrine of submission to God and to Muhammad as the chief and last prophet of God. Mohammedanism.
  4. A people that have the Koran as their sacred scriptures and teachings. (on line dictionary)

What the dictionary does not say, is what the teachings of the Koran are; nor does it mention that the people of Islam are expected to keep Sharia law.

Australian people are asleep to the issues of Islam. The Greens and the Left think they are standing up for the ‘Underdog’ – well I hope their intentions are well meaning; however they are critically misguided. Islam is no underdog! Before taking up the offences on their behalf they need to check out all Islamic countries, understand their laws, find out how they live in these countries; the strife, violence and lack of freedoms that the people are subjected to.

Then look at the countries that they have migrated to over the last 40 years, investigate the changes to those countries that the presence of Islam has brought; mainly the unrest, the crime rate and the segregation of the Muslim people from the rest of the population. Also the Sharia law courts that have been established even though they are in contradiction to the laws of the land of the host country.

Don’t forget that in Islamic countries beheading is a practise of execution and infidels (non Muslims/Islamic people) can be, and are asked to convert to Islam, if they refuse the Koran states that they should be either executed or pay a tax to stay alive. And this practice of beheading is taking place worldwide not only in Islamic nations but also in western societies where the people of Islam are allowed to practice the teachings of the Koran. There have been beheadings in Australia, One was attempted in Endeavour Hills, Victoria, a few weeks ago and very nearly succeeded. Forty years ago one never heard of this, but with the increase of Islam this is becoming a reality even in Australia and will increase if we do nothing.

Yes it is only the Radicals and yes they are the minority at present; but may I remind you of the influence minorities have, take the Greens for instance, they started out at around 0.5% – now look at the influence they have today at about 10%.

Islam does not plan to stay in the minority; they plan to overtake by breeding. Where the rest of the Australian population does not even replace themselves, Islamic families have in access of 4 children per household.

In closing on this subject I need to mention, that warning the people of our nation on the dangers of invasion by stealth of the Islamic regime, is a matter of national security not racism.

If I was to criticise Christianity and say it was obsolete and try to stop its influence or it’s teachings from being taught in schools in Victoria would anybody call me a racist? Absolutely not! This very philosophy is being put out by the Greens themselves, and I have not heard one taunt of racism toward them.

Well of course not, everybody knows Christianity is not a race. Likewise, everybody needs to know that Islam is not a race, including the Greens ….Or do they??

Wake Up Australia. Be on your guard – be vigilant – Rise Up Australia Party is – for keeping the traditional Australian way of life. If you don’t like the Australian way of life, you are free to move elsewhere and leave the rest of us who choose Australia to be Australians.

Yvonne Gentle,

Victorian State President


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