Jeff Truscott – House of Representatives Candidate for Ripon, VIC.

Jeff Truscott was born in Hamilton, Victoria in 1955 to diligent working-class parents. The family moved to Ballarat, then Melbourne when Jeff was 13 years old, to provide their children with a better education. Jeff was fortunate to attend what is now Glen Eira Secondary College, taking full advantage of the opportunities offered him. His parents wisely encouraged their children to attend a Christian youth group. At 17 to 18 years old, Jeff began to attend church at an inner Melbourne Christian church. This experience laid the fundamentals for his interest in truth and justice and the foundation for the way he lives his life and interacts with others to this day.

Around the same time, he met an attractive young lady, whom he later married at age 21. Together they raised their two children, whom have now both given them grandchildren. Jeff is still married to his teenage sweetheart of around 45 years. Jeff’s early career included working for the Reserve Bank of Australia in an administrative capacity, before eventually deciding to further his education. After relinquishing his position at the Reserve Bank, he embarked on part-time studies at Ridley College and graduated with a Bachelor of Theology in 1995. Shortly afterward he completed some medical units at La Trobe University. He has now returned to Ridley and is working toward an MA in Theology.

Recognizing from an early age that he must make a contribution to those around him, Jeff has worked quietly and with purpose from a young man to this day, running weekend child tuition classes, visiting prison inmates, and assisting in various community activities. More recently he has utilized his qualifications by teaching adults at evening classes, speaking on
selected weekends at the church he attends, focusing attention on destructive social/political problems, so as to educate and bring awareness to those that may not have understanding on such issues.

Concerned at the erosion of Judeo-Christian values that underpin our society, Jeff was one of many who wrote a formal submission to the Federal Government a few years back, protesting at that time, the proposed homosexual marriage legislation. Prior to that, (in 2010) he ran as a House of Representatives candidate.

In 2013 Jeff contested the Federal Election as a candidate for Rise Up Australia Party; the Victorian State in 2014, and the 2016 Federal Election in the seat of Mc Ewen, achieving a good result in all.

Jeff has carefully considered the platform of Rise up Australia Party, and is honoured to join them in restoring truth and justice in the political arena. He is looking forward to serving the people of this wonderful nation of Australia once again. This time for the State Election on the 24th of November in the district/electorate of Ripon Victoria.

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