Keep their hate out of our country

Andrew Bolt – Herald Sun – Sept 17, 2012

The problem isn’t us. It isn’t even some YouTube clip posted by a filmmaker no one has heard of.

No, the problem is them.

Islamists. Extremists desperate to take offence. Bigots who use violence to frighten us into giving up our free speech.

I mean not just the people setting the Middle East ablaze, but the hundreds of Muslims who in Sydney on Saturday staged a violent riot, allegedly over a video that insults Islam. Enough.

May I ask: who let in these people who now demand the right to say who may speak and who must tremble?

Who let in those who bashed police, flew the black flag of jihad and Hamas, and had even children hold up signs exhorting, “Behead all those who insult the Prophet”?

Who welcomed these people who chanted praise of Osama bin Laden, whose terrorists killed Australians in Bali, New York and Washington

Reality check. This protest was not caused by a YouTube clip.

If this comes from opening our doors, then shut them. If this comes from multiculturalism, then scrap it.

If this is the fruit of our tolerance, let’s try intolerance.

Let’s debate whether we must restrict Muslim immigration until we better integrate those here already.

But already we hear the same old voices telling us the fault for the riot lies with the rest of us for being racist.

Hear them tell us to understand the anger, and do more to appease it.

They warn us, just for starters, to remove from the internet not the scores of propaganda videos of jihadists beheading Jews, Christians and journalists but one that merely makes Mohammed seem silly.

Reality check. This protest was not caused by a YouTube clip.

If Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and atheists were to attack police and demand beheadings every time we found something horrible on the internet, this country would be a war zone.

No, it’s the wanting to take offence – and to threaten, attack and censor – that is the feature of these latest riots from Tunis to Sydney.

Take the most violent of those alleged “protests” – the attack on September 11 on the US consulate in Benghazi that killed US ambassador Chris Stevens and three staff.

That, too, was sold in the media as rioting over an anti-Islamic film made in the US by an Israeli Jew.

In fact, that “film” was made by a Coptic Christian originally from Egypt, and so far exists only as a YouTube clip of cartoonish quality.

Moreover, the Libyan “protest” has been claimed by al-Qaida as revenge for the killing of the group’s deputy leader, with an al-Qaida-linked militia attacking the consulate with machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars. The video was just an excuse.

The violent demonstrations at the US embassy in Cairo that same day may seem more easily portrayed as a “protest”.

Yet the US Government had no involvement with the video, and even disowned it.

Moreover, the radical Muslim Brotherhood that now forms Egypt’s Government issued tweets and statements whipping up anger against the video and the US, and praising in Arabic the protests.

Since then, other extremists have murdered US soldiers in Afghanistan, burned a German embassy in Khartoum, stormed a US embassy compound in Yemen and torched a KFC outlet in Lebanon.

The targets seem irrelevant, and the YouTube video a pretext.

Some Sydney protesters confessed they hadn’t seen it. So, no. These protests aren’t an understandable reaction to Americans or Jews giving offence.

They are the work of Muslim extremists determined to take it, and to jump at any chance to make us submit to their dictates.

The video is irrelevant. This violence is all.


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  1. Admin
    September 21, 2012 at 11:09 am ·

    I’m grateful for the continued “brave few” like Andrew Bolt that are merely stating the truth. My peeve is to other media panelists discussions saying it was a small group and not indicative of most Muslims. The point is this riot was not warranted in ANY WAY!!! It had nothing to do with Australia AT ALL!! And what ensued was complete antagonism toward our country, and disrespectful to EVERY other faith and complete disregard toward our law enforcers, and that is complete intolerance and anarchy.

    Small group, large group I don’t care – nip this in the bud immediately!! They were completely out of control and holding up fingers mouthing Allah No1 in front of tv cameras and using an innocent child to incite violence against another human – isn’t that racism and even genocidal threats (racial extermination toward anyone who is not of their race/faith?) Is this not even an act of treason to their allegiances that they signed over when migrating to Australia? What do our laws say should apply to them, and what charges should be dealt immediately, to stop this ever happening again?

    This is war – just a more sinister type and wake up Australia and don’t give them anymore rights or blatant changes to our culture, faith, food, no halving public swimming pools or public swimming areas or anything else!!

    You revealed your true identity and intentions Islam! And we got the message loud and clear! Now please government of Australia send them back to live in their war torn countries and fight it out – away from us all! Virginia

  2. Admin
    September 21, 2012 at 11:09 am ·

    I agree wholeheartedly with Andrew Bolt, when is the government going to wake up and take action to get rid of these hating Islamists. Australia is not a hating country, this type of attitude is foreign to us and we don’t want it here. Why are these people being protected and cosseted by the government. Our freedom of speech is precious to us and the restrictions which have been put on us so far are unacceptable. Make the Islamists conform to our laws and way of life or else get rid of them.


  3. Admin
    September 21, 2012 at 11:08 am ·

    The Imams will practice Taquiya[ ‘holy deceit’ ] [ it’s all right to tell lies to infidels, e.g. Aussies ] and Kitman- half truths.

    Australia needs to be taken by stealth, not confrontational violence, which will happen when their numbers are much higher.

    Those violent moslems, are devout and faithful followers, of their violent and deranged false prophet mohammad.

    Someone once said of the Arnie movie ‘ Terminator’ that’ Skynet’ programmed the Terminators with the koran.

    As Reece said. ” They can’t be bargained with , they can’t be reasoned with, they don’t feel pity, they don’t feel remorse,

    they don’t feel fear, and they — ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT STOP!

    Only JESHUA returning to the Mount of Olives will put an end to the evil nightmare of Islam, and Western apostasy.



  4. Admin
    September 21, 2012 at 11:08 am ·

    I agree Andrew what Australians don’t realize is that the Muslem religion has vowed to take over the world that includes Australia, we are to conform to there religious beliefs or be beheaded. I will have to loose my head as I will never conform to any religion that is not following Jesus Christ I’m not saying they have to conform to my beliefs they have a mind and will of their own which they are entitled too, but they are being given more rights in every way, and as Aussies we’ve become no one in our own country even our religious rights are slowly being taken from us. Where are we headed Australia. Ruth

  5. Admin
    September 21, 2012 at 11:07 am ·

    Good Morning All,

    It must now be apparent that the recent trouble in Sydney perpetrated by the Islamic community was totally unacceptable in Australia, and was a festering menace just waiting to happen.(Look at Cronulla several years ago) Thank goodness that John Howard introduced a Bill (attached) into Parliament which addressed this sort of behaviour. Will the Imam’s who organised this rally be charged under the provisions of this Bill? If not why not? What will these leaders be preaching to their faithful this weekend? Further, have any of you read the Koran? (I have a copy). Perhaps this book should be banned in Australia because it demands that non-believers of Islam, Infidels (Christians and Jews), should be hated, not to be associated with, and beheaded. Perhaps the paragraphs which state these evil tenets be banned from the Koran in Australia, this way readers would not be influenced by this unacceptable hatred towards the majority of Australian people. Muslims cannot have it both ways, live in Australia under the pretense that “we are peaceful people” and on the other hand behind our society’s back are taught hatred towards the Infidel. John Howard’s Government must have foreseen that this sort of thing will one day arise just as it has in many countries of Europe.

    Many of these countries as you are aware have introduced Laws which restrict what these Islamic foreigners may and may not do. It is time to act before this trouble gets any worse, a terrorist cell was detected in Victoria recently, you cannot just simply sweep this problem under the carpet, it will not go away. Japan will not have anything to do with these people and have banned their activity in their country. I think you people, collectively, must make a stand, take the opportunity now to alleviate this growing cancer in Australia, look at how many Illegal Immigrants are arriving by boat, these people are also from Islamic countries who have the same mindset as those who perpetrated the violence in Sydney.

    I am not a racist, I came to this country in 1950 as a 4 year old boy from Germany, a Lutheran, under the “Displaced People’s Program” after WWII, learned the English language and at 16 years of age in 1962 joined the Royal Australian Navy and spent 20 years of my life serving my country Australia, fought and was nearly killed whilst serving in HMAS HOBART in 1968 in Vietnam. I am a free man who owns and operates a small electronics manufacturing company in our free country Australia. I feel that my freedom is being threatened in this country by what is happening in this country. You people need to do something to stem this
    sort of violence in Australia. My wife’s nephew is a senior paramedic in-charge of stations in the Newcastle/Sydney region and he tells of the dangers of even entering suburbs of Sydney where Islamic people reside. I can provide you with his details if you desire, he has on many occasions met with NSW Government Officials on medical issues.

    Please do something about this growing problem in Australia, don’t bury your heads in the sand, it will come back and bite us all if you don’t. History has a habit of repeating itself.

    Best Regards

  6. Admin
    September 21, 2012 at 11:07 am ·

    It’s interesting and not at all reassuring that the aggressive, arrogant, black Muslim militant from Britain (Taji Mustafa) could obtain a visa to visit Australia without difficulty, whereas Geert Wilders, the Dutch anti-Islamic campaigner, is having all the trouble under the sun. He describes Islam as a retarded religion, something I have believed myself for years. It seems that it pays to be politically acceptable, but it is not advisable to tell the truth if you are applying for an Australian visa. Jack

  7. Admin
    September 21, 2012 at 11:06 am ·

    I am perplexted, I hear Muslims saying that islam is a faith of peace, how then is it that these radical aggressive, violent behaviours are not an insult to Muhammad and his message, as much or more than the stupid film that was produced?

    I cannot for the life of me work out the connection between a nobody in the US making an offensive film and people in Sydney protesting, to what end? Nobody here has anything to do with the film or has any jurisdiction to remove it from the internet. So what was their purpose or end goal in protesting? Peter

  8. Admin
    September 21, 2012 at 11:06 am ·

    What an overwhelming relief to hear that someone speaking out against these Islamic extremists – and who would govern our nation with common sense, at last-on the issue of multi-culturalism and the wrongness of ‘peoples rights.’ It is impossible for everyone to have their ‘rights.’ What is right for one, will be wrong for another. These days it seems to be that the winner is the one with the loudest voice, not with greatest rightness. Thankyou RUA for posting your unbiased answers to these Islamic riots that have just occurred.

    As someone who lived in Israel for a time I can tell you that this is just a foretaste of what is to come. Australia is on the same course as Israel, when it comes to Islamic extremists. They want our country now-as much as they want Israel. If we do not seal our borders and sort out the extremists that already are here-and get rid of them, we will be blown up on the streets, in the shopping malls, in eating houses and even in our own homes. Also, the time will come very quickly that they will want their own state here-as in Israel. This is not some silly notion, but an absolute reality. They never give up.

    These extremists love to die for their cause because they are taught from childhood that gets them reward in their heaven and there are so many of them, that they can keep coming for eons. There is no peace in them because Islamic extremists know no peace. Even the peaceful muslims that are here can be forced to do their bidding because of the threats of reprisals made against loved ones back in home countries.

    It is obvious that Immigration are unable to sort extremist from non-extremist, or this couldnt have happened. So, our borders must be sealed to sort out this mess and find the solution for the future.


  9. Admin
    September 21, 2012 at 11:05 am ·

    If we do not deport the Muslims, we will end up like the Americans. They have a Muslim President who is friendly to Muslims but hostile to Christians. John

  10. Admin
    September 21, 2012 at 11:05 am ·

    I agree wholeheartedly with Andrew’s article. It’s about time that we Christians unite and stand up against all the injustice that we are going through – and will get worse – as one right after another is taken from us in the name of tolerance. Because of “tolerance” normal Australians who love their country are more and more not being tolerated. PJ

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