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It was a sad day on March 15th when a white Westerner opened fire on unknowing mosque attendees in Christchurch New Zealand. I think it was a shock to everyone around the world as it is probably one of the very first times that a westerner has committed an act of terrorism on any Muslim community, especially in a politically correct over tolerant country such as New Zealand. This indeed sent ripples of disbelief around the world.

Did this really happen? A non-Muslim; an Australian; opening fire on Muslims attending Friday Prayer? I for one asked myself that question. It is just an unheard-of occurrence!  After all we are so accustomed to Muslims attacking Christians around the world, granted not in New Zealand, but really it has been the case in just about every other country you can think of.

Not that we believe for one minute that using violence to avenge  violence is in anyway acceptable, however on the other hand, I would like to point out that many a Christian … Catholics; Jews; Buddhists and people of diverse religious and secular beliefs have been butchered, decapitated, burnt alive and shot, at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Some that are well known and come to mind easily are: the Lindt café Sydney; the Paris newspaper Charlie Hebdo, where 12 people died in France; March 2017, a terrorist attack took place outside the Palace of Westminster in London, England, and we can’t forget the Bali bombings. But there are simply thousands of attacks committed by Islamic Jihadists against whom they would classify as infidels (inferior) that hardly raises an eyebrow on the world scene. These attacks by Islam are happening in France, Germany, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria; in fact, everyday there is an Islamic Jihadists attack somewhere around the world where innocent people are being slaughtered just because they are non-Muslim. One that I recall was a massacre in Nigeria, where two catholic priests and 17 of the congregation were slaughtered while attending mass. (1)    Where was the outcry over this?  Why isn’t the N Z Prime Minister sending flowers of sympathy and money to rebuild the many lives and churches that are bombed and burnt in countries where Christians and other faiths are a frequent target?  And why aren’t there any expressions of disgust for the innocent worshippers that are being burnt alive by Muslims Terrorists.

‘Let us not forget’ those whose lives have been sacrificed at the hands of merciless Muslim terrorists!

New Zealand P M has said that her government is going to buy back all the 1.2 to 1.5 million guns owned legally and illegally in the country and has already promised to ban all military-style semi-automatic firearms, as well as all assault rifles and high capacity magazines.


I wonder if she has even bothered to find out what, if any guns were stored or kept in the Mosques where the shootings occurred? If so, would Jacinda also plan to buyback the guns/ weapons that may be kept there or elsewhere in mosques or places of worship around the country

“There has been a global outpouring of grief”, a young woman said as she was interviewing New Zealand’s former PM Helen Clark over Gun Laws. (3)

(Left) Is a huge crowd at North Hagley Park, who gathered at the vigil for the 50 victims of the attacks on March 15. Please note: Many non-Muslim women have covered their heads, encouraged by their P M Jacinda Arden. Where this is a great gesture of respect for Muslim life, it is also of great disrespect for   any human being that is not Muslim and who has suffered from the injustices that Islamic culture has forced on non-Muslim communities.

(1) (Left) An attack on morning Mass at a Catholic church in central Nigeria which left 2 priests and at least 17 parishioners dead, adding to the hundreds killed by (Muslim}herders in the region in 2017

This Headline below is just one of the daily stories that is on the internet and available to anybody who wants to be alert to what is actually going on around the world. Are we concerned? Are we interested in finding out the truth about who Islamic Jihadists are murdering on a daily basis? Even if half of the stories that are cited and reported were largely exaggerated. It would still way out number the Christchurch incident.

Muslim militants killed 120 Christians in Nigeria during a three-week period in February and March 2019. (6)

(6)   http://www.snopes.com/fact-check/nigeria-christians-muslims/

The Slaughter of Christians (4)

Central African Republic: As many as 42 people — mostly Christian women — ” were hacked to death after suspected Islamist rebels attacked a group of civilians in the central town of Bria” between September 4-5. Some died by machete, others by gunshot. At least one of the butchered women was pregnant. “They [Seleka militants] don’t want to see any Christians here,” one church leader said. “Christians never go to town. They have barricaded all roads, and if you venture out, you are at your own peril. We Christians have nothing else to do, no food to eat, no place to go. We rely only on prayers. Please pray for us!”

Democratic Republic of Congo: Armed Muslim militants slaughtered as many as 40 people in the Christian town of Beni. According to local sources, September 25, 2018 (5)                       

(2)  http://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2019-03-21/new-zealand-to-ban-  military-style-guns-after-50-die-  in-mosque-shootings

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Click Here to view the list of Islamic Terror Attacks. These are attacks that have occurred over the last month.

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