Lorraine Gimini – House of Representatives Candidate for Solomon, NT.

Lorraine Gimini was born in Ingham, Queensland, one of five children, whose father was a timber cutter while their
mother stayed at home to raise the family.

After graduating from high school, Lorraine moved to Rockhampton to complete her Enrolled Nurse qualification. She remained for a couple of years in Rockhampton nursing and then moved to a cattle station on Cape York to tutor children. After returning to nursing, Lorraine spent a few years working in rural and remote hospitals in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

In 1995 Lorraine was awarded “Young Australian of the Year” for her work in a remote community, in organizing fundraising events to purchase equipment for the local hospital.

Lorraine travelled to Canada in 1998 on an agricultural exchange program and spent several months working on grain and pig farms. In the year 2000, she worked at a summer camp in the United States for children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities before visiting several states and territories in Canada and the USA.

After returning to Australia, Lorraine spent the next seven years nursing in rural, remote and metropolitan hospitals in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. During this time, she met her future husband on Thursday Island, Queensland. They moved to Darwin in 2007 where they have resided ever since. They have six children.

Lorraine currently works for a not-for-profit organisation which provides accommodation for Indigenous people coming into Darwin from Communities in the NT and WA for medical appointments.

Throughout her life, Lorraine has worked in the community services industry as a nurse, home tutor, counsellor, trainer/assessor and as an administration officer. She has held positions including president, vice president, public affairs officer and secretary in various community and fund-raising groups. Lorraine has worked with people from many different
cultures and is currently involved with the Papua New Guinea Association in Darwin.

In 2013, Lorraine met Pastor Daniel Nalliah, the founder of the Rise Up Australia Party. She felt very inspired to support this Christian Conservative Party as their policies reflect the values and beliefs, she herself holds as a Christian. Lorraine feels very strongly about some of the legislation which has been passed in all levels of government in recent years which marginalize and even discriminate against Christians. She feels that Rise Up Australia Party’s ethical and common-sense policies will restore decency and a more just society for all Australians.”

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