Media Release: Foreign Minister Bob Carr also opposes Vilification Laws / 6th Anniversary Free Speech Victory / RUAP President Daniel Nalliah in Tasmania

RUAP National President Daniel NalliahGeneral Immediate Media Release 25th  June 2013

Last year on the 23rd September 2012 on the ‘Insiders’ Program on ABC 24, Barrie Cassidy questioned Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr about Vilification Laws regarding Islam in an increasingly Multicultural Western world: “Now the Turkish prime minister, as I understand it, is putting forward a proposal for international laws on religious defamation. What do you make of that idea?

Bob Carr: ‘I don’t think that would be acceptable to the Western world.  We had a little example of how religious vilification laws work in a case that gained some notoriety under the Victorian legislation, and it meant drawn-out legal process directed at some pastors who would have gained, without this, no publicity whatsoever for their criticism of Islam. I think dragging religious disputes into the courts is a very bad notion.

I wouldn’t want to see it reflected in Australian domestic law, and I don’t think it’s a satisfactory international response to this tension.’

Commemorating the 6th Anniversary of the Victorian Supreme Court victory for Freedom of Speech,  Daniel Nalliah, the President of Rise Up Australia Party and the # 1 Senate Candidate for Victoria will be speaking at a Rise Up Australia Party Campaign Meeting in Devonport at 7.30 pm Friday 28th June at Reece High School on Middle Road.

He will also be speaking at a Campaign Meeting in Launceston at 7pm on Saturday 29th June at the Tramshed Room 29 at Launceston’s Versatile Function Centre at Inveresk Rail Yards at 4 Invermay Rd in Inveresk.

He will also be speaking at a Campaign Meeting in Hobart at 6:30pm on Sunday 30th June at Mather’s House 108 Bathurst St.

Mr Nalliah stated, “Saturday 22nd June 2013 marks six years since we won the court case for Freedom of Speech.

This was certainly a land mark victory, after a five year battle first in the Lower Court (VCAT) and then the Supreme Court, where we won the victory.

I still remember the long five years in the court room with forty days of hearings and a cost of $600,000, plus several death threats, fire-bombing threats to my house and office, and also the threats to abduct my children from school. It was indeed a very challenging time, but with many prayers & support of my fellow Aussies we came out victorious”.

The court case which was brought against the two Pastors by the Islamic Council of Victoria on charges of vilification was a completely ridiculous case, which proved that the Religious & Racial Vilification Laws of Victoria was a poor piece of legislation.

As a result of the court case, this bad law was thrown out of all the other states, and was amended in Vic.

A few months after the court case in 2007, the then Prime Minister John Howard, met with Daniel Nalliah in his office in Parliament and said, “Pastor, your victory for freedom of speech will now help us all and also the future generations to come. You have also set a precedence in the judiciary system. May I take this opportunity to officially thank you on behalf of the people of Australia as Prime Minister.”

Today, we thank God for this court case, as it has given us an amazing platform to launch Rise Up Australia Party to ‘Keep Australia Australian’ and the first official announcement was made exactly two years ago of RUA Party at the steps of VCAT in the city of Melbourne.”

Mr Nalliah has recently been speaking to enthusiastic crowds at meetings in cities in VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, TAS, NT, ACT, including the recent very successful RUAP launch at the National Press Club in Canberra and the Victorian State Campaign Kick Off with Lord Monckton to Keep Australia Australian.

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  1. Robin
    June 24, 2013 at 10:51 am ·

    Hi Lyn

    It is critical that all people oppose (vote NO)to the proposed change to recognise local govt in the constitution at the referendum at the Sept election. By local govt areas being recognised then Sharia law can be demanded in the local area based on the % of Muslim people in that local area. This is exactly how the Muslims obtained sharia law recognised in UK.

    Bless you

  2. Patrick J O` Maracou
    June 20, 2013 at 10:50 am ·

    Mr Nalliah most people in Australia are with you BUT many are to scared of the threats that will come from muslims,that is their way,threats of violence to silence. If something is not done very soon this country will be under sharia law by the end of this century already four muslim men have tried it on but thankfully we have judge that will not tolerate it.I won`t be around but I fear for my grand children and my fellow Australians.RISE UP AUSTRALIANS NOW.The two major parties are intereseted only in looking after number one and POWER.Patrick

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