Media Release: A selfless Federal Budget affects the selfish mind set – We must think of our children and grandchildren – If not we might have to depend on Islamic Sharia Finance

Rise Up Australia PartyGeneral Immediate Media Release 27th May 2014

Today from his office in Melbourne the National President of RUAP, Daniel Nalliah, called on people in Australia not to be selfish but instead to be selfless.

He stated, “in the past 2 weeks I have been watching many protesting the Federal Budget. Let me ask you a question, ‘Why are you protesting against the budget??

Is it because you are being led by organised gangs in Universities and Unions? Is it the media hype? Is it because you are a member of the opposition (Labor or Greens, etc.)?

Or, is it simply because we are so selfish?’

One of Rise Up Australia Party’s election campaign policies was to ‘Keep Australia debt free’. So how can we do it, and more importantly why should we do it??

I took a good look at the federal budget over the past few days and realised, that this is quite a hard hitting budget for our back pocket, but it is worth paying the price in order to Keep Australia debt free. Unfortunately, we also have very short memories. Whenever Labor takes office they dole out large sums of money, which they have promised to give before elections, in order to get elected. Perhaps, we can call it a bribe. Then of course they do what they are very good at doing, guess what?? Run the country into debt.

The Coalition Government (Liberal & National) have a reputation of putting the country back in order by cleaning up the mess Labor & Greens have created. But this is hard work. It does not come with bags of lollies, or claps and cheers.

Well, the budget is hard hitting, but let’s be self-sacrificing and think of our children and grandchildren. Are you willing to pay the price now?? Or are you going to leave our country in a mess for them??

What is most interesting is the creeping in of Islamic Sharia Finance into the Western world. Today the West is in debt to the Middle East, in particular Saudi Arabia, which demands the promotion of Islam (the worst type of Islam known as Sunni / Wahhabism) in return for their petro dollars.

When I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia my friends, who worked for the Ministry of Finance, would tell me that almost every night Saudi government officials would sit around on the floor, with their pipe smokes and Arab tea, wondering and talking about where they could invest their petro dollars in order to promote Islam.  The first place was universities in order to brainwash the next generation of Western kids.

Many Western Universities have been receiving millions of petro dollars. In return they very willingly promote Islam by handing out free copies of the Koran, setting up prayer rooms with special foot washing areas for Muslims to wash their feet and hands before prayer, and in some cases give land space within the university premises to build a mosque. A classic example of this is the mosque that is to be built at Monash University in Melbourne.

On the other hand, these universities will not promote anything Christian as we are MULTICULT-URAL, even though the West was built on Judeo-Christian foundations by our forefathers.

In 2013, when Labor was in government, they cut the university funding by $2.8 billion to fund their Gonski school reforms. Where were the organised street protests by university students then? They were small in comparison, because the ‘Rent-a-mob gang’, I mean GETUP, (a Labor/ Green sponsored mob) was possibly the instigator within the government. They were on the same side then, but now they are in opposition.

So my advice to the opposition is ‘just shut up and pass the budget. Give PM Abbott and his crew a break. Let them try to sort out the mess that you created and put the country back on track. At least thank God the current Government is not led by faceless men who are hiding behind mobs such as the Unions and GETUP, etc.

Let us bite the bullet and pay the price now! That way we will not need to depend on Islamic Sharia Finance, which comes out of petro dollars, with some of it ending up in the hands of jihadists, who are hell bent on creating an Islamic Caliphate (Islamic world).

Let’s protect our nation for our children and grandchildren and Keep Australia Australian.

Daniel Nalliah
National President
Rise Up Australia Party
(To Keep Australia Australian)

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Posted on May 27, 2014 in Interview / Media, Policies, Rise Up Australia, Sharia

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Responses (11)

  1. Anky
    May 30, 2014 at 8:50 am ·

    Well said Danny Nalliah.

    God bless,


  2. Caroline
    May 28, 2014 at 9:19 am ·

    It is all good and well to say this but there are those who cant afford to go to the doctor, now.
    We live in a regional town that doesn’t bulk bill, unless your an Aboriginal, they go to the AMS.
    I know a separated, single working mum, who went to the hospital because she couldn’t afford the gap
    at the doctors. She doesn’t qualify for a health care card meaning her prescription is $33 compared to $6.
    Why cant the MP’s stop receiving income when they no longer work? How many politicians are out there
    receiving an income and not working? Its the only company I know that pays you not to work!

  3. Jenny
    May 28, 2014 at 9:16 am ·

    Good on you!


  4. Jude
    May 28, 2014 at 9:15 am ·



  5. Chrysanthi
    May 28, 2014 at 9:14 am ·

    Thank you Daniel for this email.
    It is so important to be debt free… to stand by those who are trying to do the right thing,
    Thank you for speaking up,

  6. John
    May 28, 2014 at 9:12 am ·

    Sorry your defence of the Abbot Tea party does not wash with me. Taxing the poor to balance the budget is not good hard economic or social economics, it eventually kills jobs, innovation, and eventually can result in revolutions. It is time that the issues of transfer pricing and tax avoidance by the multinationals and the top end of town.

    So we want a system here such as Wal-Mart, many workers are so lowly paid that they need Government supplements to eat?

    How come the profits on Apples hardware and software sales in Australian are taxed in Ireland? Saw that with NALCO and alumina exports to Iceland. Check out Gloria Jean coffee.

    Likewise the systematic destruction of the higher education system by making it only available to the wealthy classes – (Imposition / strengthen of a Caste system??)

    Use the Nordic countries for a model. They demanded that their oil was developed using equipment manufactured in the nation. What about us? Likewise we are finding that our agriculture is being swamped by low cost produce. Problem is that our farmers are on the wrong side of billions of Ag subsidies, and bloody minded supermarkets. At the same time R&D is being reduced. I know, I have worked in the industry for >40 years.

    It is expected that we compete on a level playing field when it is not.

    The Far right (NeoCons etc) is not interested in the common good.



  7. Denis
    May 28, 2014 at 8:59 am ·

    Hi Daniel,
    This is not a fair Budget since it hits poor , less well off, people harder than rich people and does not abolish fuel rebate for mining Companies.
    I have been very angry that Tony Abbott lied so much to the Australian people.
    I want a debt free Australia.
    God Bless and Grace to you and all at RUA

  8. Jeff
    May 28, 2014 at 8:57 am ·

    Here, here, well said Daniel, never a truer word spoken, why do people have such short term memories? and yes they are mostly having the attitude of ‘Whats in it for them’, unfortunately these fools who voted in the Labour governments do not realise just how serious the damage is that the Labour and Greens have done.

    This initial ‘Debt Package’ which Labour have left behind is going to be hard for the Libs to fix, even more so when you factor in the long term impact of a large percentage of the Economic Refuge Queue jumpers that have been allowed in who will (as statistics have shown) NOT assimilate properly into our Christian based Western society, NOT learn the English language and NOT contribute by engaging in the work force to Pay contributing Taxes to help run the country.

    They will of course give an excuse to Centre Link why NOT to work as they cannot find a Job paying enough money that will allow them to support the 8 plus children they have chosen to have (even if they bothered to learn to speak the language), those very children being predominantly of the ‘Islamic faith’ will grow up, marry their own kind only (as only allowed by their religion) and will continue the cycle until they have enough numbers to out vote us all and change the face of Australia as we used to know it for ever.

    I get so Bloody Angry just thinking about it and even angrier at this foolish/ misguided ‘Politically Correct’ & ‘Goody two shoes type people’ who have contributed to allow the Immigration flood gates to open oblivious to the damage they have caused to Australia’s long term prospects, I just hope that they look back in years to come and take full responsibility for what they have set in motion.

    Daniel, your Gallant efforts to reverse and slow the onslaught of Islam in taking over this Country are to be commended, you deserve a Knighthood mate, keep up the good work.

    Best regards


  9. Kevin
    May 27, 2014 at 3:35 pm ·

    Well spoken!


  10. Margaret
    May 27, 2014 at 3:32 pm ·

    Well written Ps. Daniel and how true about our Labour governments over the years, and the creeping in of Islamic indoctrination into our universities. How sad it is that our governments have been so gullible and desperate that they turn to Saudi Arabia for money knowing, hopefully, that there is always a catch. What fools our government officials are.. so easily bribed into selling our birth right as a Judeo-Christian nation governed by a democratically elected government.. When will we learn??or are we content to let our nation become like that of the UK.


    • Phil
      May 27, 2014 at 3:34 pm ·

      Hi Guys, Great email, but in the 4th paragraph after the bold print at the top, you use the words. “Keep Australia debt free”.

      This actually infers that Australia is Debt free and we want to keep it that way, which as we all know is not the case, so the paragraph should actually say something like “return Australia to a surplus budget to address our debt and over time return us to a debt free Position”.

      As it reads now it makes it appear that you think we are debt free!!! And we must have every reader realise that the RUAP is fully cognisant of our current financial position which is one of HUGE DEBT!!!!

      Kind regards,


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