Media Release: Julia Gillard sides with Coalition against gay marriage

General Immediate Media Release    21 September 2012 (14:00hrs)

Julia Gillard sides with Coalition against gay marriage vote

“I congratulate Prime Minister Gillard, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, Liberal  and National Party Members of the House of Representatives and a majority of Labor Party Representatives who overwhelmingly voted down a second bill to allow gay marriage,” said the National President, Daniel Nalliah of Rise Up Australia Party this morning from his office in Melbourne.

Rise Up Australia Party is a multi-ethnic party that is totally opposed to multiculturalism.  Multiculturalism causes immigrants to build ethnic enclaves and defeats the very purpose it was created to protect. Instead of uniting communities, multiculturalism divides a nation into ethnic groupings. This is counterproductive to a harmonious democratic society.

Mr. Nalliah was responding to comments in Wednesday’s Australian, “ In a rare sight, the Prime Minister and several of her frontbenchers, including Treasurer Wayne Swan and Environment Minister Tony Burke, moved across to the Coalition benches, facing almost 40 of their Labor party colleagues as the vote was counted … The vote in the lower house came as debate continued in the Senate on a parallel bill for gay marriage put forward by four Labor senators.”

Rise Up Australia Party is committed to marriage as the union of a man and woman, and the promotion of marriage as an institution that provides the best nurturing environment for children and that has substantial economic benefits for society.

“It is rare these days to see such bi-partisanship, with both sides of politics overwhelmingly committed to protecting the traditional family unit of mother, father and children. This sort of commitment is important if we are to keep Australia Australian.” Mr Nalliah said, “Ms Gillard must be beside herself, having a second Labor Party Bill on the same gay marriage introduced through the Senate as well.  We can only hope that both the major political parties will comprehensively vote down this second bill as well,  upholding the importance to Australians of traditional marriage between a man and a woman.”

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