Not everyone likes their ‘Greens’, especially when they can be so distasteful by saying one thing then doing another.

John Safran epitomised this with satirical genius when he exposed how The Greens spout ‘multicultural’ ‘racial’ tolerance yet their candidates and seated members are wrapped in a sea of ‘vanilla’; in other words, it appears a white-only supremacy party.

While Rise Up Australia Party have members and candidates who are of white Anglo-Saxon descent, there is no denying the fact they are also a sea of multi-ethnic richness of varied heritage and skin colour;  This flies in the face of lies perpetuated by groups such as The Greens, who constantly accuse Rise Up of racism.

May we suggest it is groups like The Greens who are truly racist in their hearts, for failing to attract and stand multi-ethnic candidates.

Daniel Nalliah and his Rise Up Australia Team have spent their whole political existence drawing Australia back to the dictionary definition of ‘Multiculturalism’ and ‘Multi-Ethnicity’ and their obvious difference.

While ‘Multiculturalism’ speaks of many cultures, including their cultural extremes like child marriage, female genital mutilation and multiple wives, as seen in the culture of Islam, ‘Multi-ethnicity’ is defined as a make-up of many ethnic groups of varied nationalities and perhaps even by their associated skin colours.

Rise Up Australia Party has long proclaimed ‘Multi-Ethnic – One Culture’, expressing that, while everyone should be free to celebrate their family’s unique heritage, they suggest cultural and law differences should be put aside to celebrate one Australian culture, abiding under one Australian law.

I finish with a famous saying:

“You will know someone by their actions”

What The Greens say: “We are all inclusive of all skin colours”

What they do in reality: The Greens favour white people.

What RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY says: “We accept all nationalities and skin colours, but support celebrating Australian culture only, recognising cultural differences divide Australia.  We welcome Australian-born and migrant people alike of all skin colours to join us and stand as candidates.”

What they do in reality:  RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY accepts all nationalities and skin colours and celebrate Australian culture. They welcome Australian-born and migrant people alike of all skin colours to join them and stand as candidates.

Don’t swallow the ‘lies of the left’ anymore.  You be the judge.

Vote 1 RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY! The truly inclusive party!

Posted on June 27, 2016 in Carbon Tax, Interview / Media, Policies, Rise Up Australia, Sharia

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