Media Release: Election Called Day #1 – The Battle is on / Only 2 hours until Rise Up Australia Party National Campaign Blast at the Windsor Hotel, Spring St. Melbourne from 11am to 1pm on Monday 5th August 2013

Rise Up Australia PartyGeneral Immediate Media Release 5th August 2013

With only 2 hours to go until its National Campaign Blast, Rise Up Australia Party will proudly announce and introduce their National Team of Candidates from across Australia, followed by a group photograph, which will be a very rare opportunity to meet the National Team from RUAP.

This action packed event will be open to those who have registered with RUAP head office on (03) 9708 6691 and will begin with singing the Australian National Anthem, followed by many interesting speeches and highlights as listed below.

This event will also be live webcast right here at making it possible for thousands across the country to join in.

1) Keynote Speech by National President Daniel Nalliah – The short and long term vision for Australia

2) 2nd speaker Mrs Kiralee Smith from Halal Choices – Why should non-Muslims be forced to buy halal products in Australia

3) Release of Policies

4) An enactment of the Islamic Burka and its negative effects

5) Introducing RUAP National Candidates

6) National Candidates group photo

7) Reflections of the party from the last 6 months

8) Release of You Tube Advertisement on Sharia Law

The event will finish with Coffee/Tea and light refreshments.

All Media must contact Melanie on (03) 9708 6691 before 4pm this Friday 2nd of August 2013 to book your spot as the designated space for media is very limited.

Posted on July 30, 2013 in Rise Up Australia

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Responses (6)

  1. Theresa
    August 6, 2013 at 12:09 pm ·

    Hello All,

    Please read the link below.

    Another gentle act from the religion of peace. These Muslims were proberly the pretend refugees that came to the country demanding their rights.

    May God bless Australia with a PM that is not a pretend Christian, nor one that is swayed by peer pressure from their corrupt neighbours, UN, or former friends that have gone astray.

    God Bless,

  2. Elisabeth
    August 5, 2013 at 6:50 pm ·

    Do you have a Tasmanian candidate. Very interested in your party. Time to protect our rights.

  3. Bron
    August 5, 2013 at 3:49 pm ·

    Good Morning,
    People in our farming community don’t know who to vote for
    No party really meets the standard.
    Can I suggest the Australian Party advertise what you have to offer.
    You have a good chance with all the nonsense going on.

    Advertising Consultant
    Finley Southern Riverina News

  4. Martina
    August 5, 2013 at 9:21 am ·

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.
    My name is Martina and I am originally from Berlin. I have been living here in Australia for four years and I love this country. I had a closer look at your web page and I absolutely agree with your policy principles. Unfortunately I am not able to vote this year as I am not an Australian citizen yet.
    If I would be able to though, I would vote for your party!
    Nevertheless I would like to support you before the upcoming election. I can’t support you moneywise as I am just working 3 days a week, BUT have you got, and would you be able to send me a box with flyers of your policy principles??
    I would like to distribute them VOLUNTARILY in people’s post boxes here In Newcastle.
    Please let me know what you think about my idea,
    Yours sincerely Martina

  5. David Melandri
    July 30, 2013 at 7:12 pm ·

    Do you have a candidate in the Toowoomba Area. The electorate of Groom specifically?

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