Media Release: RUAP takes Vic Campaign to Bendigo / “We are the hope for Oz” says Daniel Nalliah – National President

RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah with Lord Christopher MoncktonGeneral Immediate Media Release 26th March 2013

At 11am this Wednesday 27th March at The Banquet Room, The Capital Theatre at 50 View St. in Bendigo, Lord Monckton will be speaking on Global Warming / No Carbon Tax and Agenda 21 of the United Nations & RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah will be speaking on the vision of RUA Party, the importance of protecting Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage and taking a stand against political correctness to Keep Australia Australian.

RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah will be calling on the Labor government to ………………… something!

If they don’t, there will be such a landslide victory for the Coalition that the Coalition will be able to do whatever they want while they are in government.

Labor voters in order to prevent the Liberals from over-running the country you need to consider your vote carefully. The Greens have shown that they are way out to the left, and are more interested in saving the trees, than your jobs. The Nationals have been around for years, but they haven’t provided the help that our farmers need to survive. Some Christian Parties have capitulated to Fear and Political Correctness. When elected Rise Up Australia Party will hold the Liberals accountable, and make them keep their promise to abolish the Carbon Tax. We will keep them to their promise of not bringing back Work Choices. We will also call for Financial Transparency. This means that we will call for all Federal and State Income and Expenditure to be put on the web, so that all Australians can see how their money is being spent. This is already being done in many States of America, and can be done at a very small cost.  Experiences there, have shown that far more money is saved by doing this, than the cost of implementing the project.

It is time that we Rise Up, and stop politicians from wasting our hard earned money! I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of government officials promising things and then doing the complete opposite.  I am sick and tired of our money being given to other countries, when people in Australia are living below the poverty line . I am sick and tired of all the boat people thinking that Australia is a soft touch. If people want to come to Australia then they can work like the rest of us. One of our first actions will be to look at the misuse of Centrelink payments. It’s time for a radical change in this country!  Our old methods are not working!

Vote #1 Rise Up Australia Party. WE SAY WHAT WE MEAN AND WE MEAN WHAT WE SAY!

MEDIA INQUIRIES Telephone: Daniel Nalliah on (03) 9708 6691

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  1. Natalie Zadoroznyj
    April 4, 2013 at 8:21 pm ·

    Thank God there are still people out there who can think clearly amidst the ridiculously thick fog of political correctness,after all, not all ideas are worthy of our tolerance and should be openly criticized. Freedom of speech is our birthright and should never be trumped by a fear of offending someone. It’s a disgrace and undermines our foundations.

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