Media Release – Would Andrew Chan & Mayuran Sukumaran had been killed if they had converted to Islam?


Would Andrew Chan & Mayuran Sukumaran had been killed if they had converted to Islam is a question everyone has failed to ask???

Rise Up Australia Party totally apposes drug trafficking and supports the jail sentence. In the case of Mayuran Sukumaran, Andrew Chan and the 6 others who were executed yesterday, we call it gross injustice by a corrupt court motivated by Islamic ideology.

One of the masterminds & the spiritual advisor behind the 2002 Bali bombing where 88 Aussies died, Abu Bakar Bashir, was released after 3-4 years in jail.  Whereas, our two Aussies were tied to a cross and brutally killed (as in the Koran, Sura Chapter 5:33), even after spending 10 years+ in jail. This is gross injustice.

Mr Nalliah the RUAP National President stated, “I wonder if Mayuran Sukumaran & Andrew Chan had converted to Islam whether they would have not been killed, as Indonesia is the biggest Islamic country in the world. Unfortunately, their open declaration of their conversion to Christianity could have made the system work against them.

I applaud these men for their bold declaration of their Christian faith and that they led the others in singing the hymn Amazing Grace while they were executed. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends.

I have been to Indonesia several times and must state that most Indonesians are peace loving and very hospitable people. This is not a reflection of Indonesian people, but of the corrupt justice system in Indonesia.”

Posted on April 30, 2015 in Rise Up Australia, Sharia

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