Melbourne Western Suburbs, Toowoomba & Brisbane Campaigns

Cook Islanders in QLD embrace RUAPThe RUAP campaign meeting in the Westerns Suburbs of Melbourne on Friday 22nd March was a great success. It was so encouraging to see around 60-70 people turn up for the meeting at 10.30 in the morning on aMelbourne Western Suburbs Campaign Meeting working day.

We were so pleased to see the encouraging response and support from many people. The local media too was present. We’ll post the article as soon as it is available.

Directly after the Melbourne Western Suburbs meeting, RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah took a flight to QLD and spoke at four meetings on the weekend, including a Community Leader’s breakfast in Toowoomba.

Lord Monckton Melbourne Western Suburbs campaign meetingAll gathered were greatly challenged. Now they have asked him to come back in May, so that many more could hear the more of the vision of Rise Up Australia Party.

They just responded with great joy and excitement.  Many have pledged their support for the RUAP campaign in QLD.  Seven members from the RUAP QLD team accompanied Daniel at the meetings.

You may also click the following link to read another newspaper article about RUAP with a great photo.


Posted on March 25, 2013 in Carbon Tax, Climate Change, CO2, Guest Speakers, Policies, Rise Up Australia, Sharia

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  1. KrystelSpicer QLD
    April 25, 2013 at 3:41 pm ·

    ..we’re only two hours south of Toowoomba, i hope that’s ok :)

  2. KrystelSpicer QLD
    April 25, 2013 at 3:37 pm ·

    ..we’d love it if RUAP came to Stanthorpe, i imagine you’ll get the same results here as you did in Toowoomba, if not more :). About 4 years ago our mayer Lawrence Springborg’s brother died, &so with him on leave we became emalgamated with Warwick even after the town had voted that we wouldn’t. &the rates went up & the values of our homes went down, & we may slowly now be becoming Warwickized. we don’t want the larger towns sneaking their ways into our ways Either. i really really invite some1 of the RUAP to visit, please kindly.

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