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Posted on February 25, 2013 in Carbon Tax, Climate Change, Interview / Media, Policies, Rise Up Australia

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  1. xx
    February 26, 2013 at 9:27 am ·

    When I was at bible college 13 years ago, a young Sri Lankan Pastor came to speak. He had lived in Saudi Arabia and had first hand contact with the religious police, public beheadings and in Sri Lanka the Tamil Tigers, Buddhists. He had Jesus come to him in Saudi Arabia and talk to him for a few hours about how he was going to go to the leaders of the world. All that has happened, now he’s in Australia starting up a political party. He’s seen ISLAM first hand is warning Australians but is being attacked. Here is a link to the latest newspaper article so you can keep up with the spiritual fight going on here in OZ.


  2. Gerry
    February 26, 2013 at 9:24 am ·

    To RUAP & Pr Daniel Nalliah,

    Thank you, my Brother in Law has worked up to 3 jobs most of his working life working his family generations dairy farm near the Wallenjo swamp near Girgarre & Stanhope in Northern Victoria all his life and has worked among other places on tomato harvests and wine harvests whilst running his families generations dairy farm. Now all Thanks to between Gouburn Murray water and the state and Federal Governments they are facing extinction from his generations of dairy farming and won’t even be able to sell their generations farm land as without water, it is worthless. They are currently now facing having to sell all that they have worked all their married life together for that they once owned, their home, car, literally everything, leaving them only with my sisters full time pharmacy job which can’t support them both. I just found out tonight from my mother who phoned me and also emailed me this of my Brother in Law.

    I pray that RUAP will be successful and get power over the Govt on September 14, I am one of your party members. As if we loose our food bowl like we have seen our business and industry over the past year or two, where will our future food come from? China like 99% of everything else comes from? I am just so shocked & totally devastated and speechless lost for words. I wrote to one of my close long time friends tonight from Living Waters AOG in Kyabram, Victoria (he is also a dairy farmer) on his private message Facebook telling him God Help Us I am willing to help and support all of our food bowl down there in Victoria anyway I can by praying for them all. I am also wishing it was possible to sue or take the Government responsible for Australia loosing everyone’s business, industry and food producing jobs, the backbone of Australia’s heritage to the High Court of Australia for what they are putting my own family through and what they are doing to them all. As I cannot understand how this days Government made me laugh how last week they spent money they don’t have opening up some other Govt job search website beside their current old AJS website. Yet they are now destroying our food producing Bowl and jobs. Anytime soon the prices of our food will become out of reach for all our low to middle income earners. I said to my son Luke tonight talking to him through Facebook, we need to pray for our country and that RUAP are voted into parliament on September 14 otherwise we may as well pack our bags and find another country to live and work in. As we have had more than we can cope with in our once native country we were born and bred in. When I see how my younger Brother and Sister are now being treated after slogging their guts out all their life.

    I saw last year my uncle Garry forced to become redundant and retire early from his lifelong full time job as an electrician at the Kyabram cannery. I have seen a long time close friend of mine separated from his wife for the past over 10yrs with 6 children, made redundant from Telstra, now he is battling a losing battle with working at the dairy factory in Drouin, Victoria, as this dairy factory obviously hasn’t got much future left either. My own parents in Rochesterm northern Victoria, have recently lost most of their life savings through the Banksia Collapse recently and say they will be forced to keep working until the day they die.

    I myself am praying I can get through my medical I have this Thursday morning for gaining my student Pilots license as I am looking at getting VET FEE help funding from July to get my Commercial Pilots license finishing it mid next year. While my wife is currently doing Certificate 3 in Aged Care, as she has forgotten her masters degree in tropical marine ecology she completed here at James Cook University in 2007, before we both were forced to live back in her country of Indonesia for 2yrs before the Australian government would allow her to return back as my wife with me. So it was this days Government that caused my wife to forget all that she learnt in her masters degree. A waste of Australian tax payers money again putting my wife through her masters degree then forcing us both to be out of the country for another 2yrs. I feel that praying that I can get my pilots license will at least give me some hope of getting a decent job somewhere be it locally flying or nationally or internationally. I only really wanted to do local flights so I am close to my blessed dear wife and my 2 1/2yr old daughter, but God knows what he wants for me best.

    Thank you and God Bless you all,



  3. Cecily
    February 26, 2013 at 9:10 am ·

    As a daily reader of ‘The Australian’ newspaper, I am aware of the enormous volume of articles in this paper from people regarded as noted experts in their field – particularly those covering all the sections that government is involved in.
    I strongly encourage The RUA party to have staff/volunteers daily reading these articles to extract detailed information to be passed on to the appropriate people pre-selected to stand for office in the elections. Ideally, all people pre-selected should be doing this very thoroughly themselves on a daily basis: so that the candidates become well-informed regarding the plusses and minuses of the different political opinions. This would equip them to be able to respond to questions etc. in the lead-up to the elections; as well as have them as well-informed as possible to contribute to wise, righteous and Godly government that will be good for this country Australia and its people.
    In government, it is not sufficient to be a well-motivated Christian. It is essential for the well-being of this nation for parliamentarians to truly understand the pros and cons in each situation – eg. free trade versus protection; big government versus small government; the different areas of debt …
    For a new party it is essential that you have the very best advisers in every field teaching and training your people. As with every ‘job’, people need very skilful training to be effective; and even more so when standing as Godly representatives of the people in the governing of a country.
    The ‘letters-to-the-editor’ is a very important section also, where positive and negative feedback is given to the different articles – often providing very useful information.
    Hopefully, all this is well and truly already in place. The last thing Australia and its people need is more lazy and inept politicians – we have quite sufficient already.
    Sincerely written by
    Cecily W

    • Admin
      March 2, 2013 at 1:46 pm ·

      Hi Cecily
      Thank you for your input. This is indeed good advice, which we will pass on to all candidates.
      Our National Office subscribes to various political magazines across the spectrum, which keeps us both informed, as well as providing us with articles to publish on Twitter, Facebook and the website.

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