More National Media Coverage for RUAP / Campaign Blast in Melbourne on Monday 5th August

ZAH_election_LW-20130720211957515923-620x349Dear friends,

1) Following  are some national newspaper links with some interesting photos about RUAP.

2) With great excitement we wish to bring to your attention that Rise Up Australia Party will be having its National Campaign Blast at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne at 111 Spring Street on Monday 5th Aug 2013 from 11am to 1pm.

This is your opportunity to meet with the 52 lower house and 12 upper house candidates and talk to them one on one.  RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah will also share the short and long term vision and plans for Australia in his speech, as well as announce some of the major policies of the Party.

The event will be live webcast throughout Australia and the world for those of you unable to attend.

There will be a $15 entrance fee and this includes coffee and cake afterwards. During the coffee break you will have the opportunity to mix with the candidates and have photos taken with them.

There will also be a photo shoot of the RUAP national team contesting the 2013 federal elections at the steps of the Parliament House right opposite the Hotel.

Please lock this date into your calendar and make every effort to be  there. We would love to see you in person and your presence will be a great encouragement to us all.

Dress code – Formal.  Please make sure to bring your Australian flags with you.

For catering purposes, we ask you to please RSVP to Rise Up Australia Party Office in Melbourne at no later than Friday 26th July.

We will keep you posted with more information closer to the date.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

Posted on July 22, 2013 in Rise Up Australia

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  1. Faye
    July 22, 2013 at 2:48 pm ·

    Hello how are you all? I just thought I would put this to you about Kevin Rudd’s solution to that problem and others..

    Have you heard this before? There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead!

    Well the Labor Party capitulated to the expectations of the Greens to get and stay in power. How does this sound?
    We have reversed our policy on refugees now we have come close to being in power again and unfortunately everything
    We planned has to be changed due to the unforseen costs and because our coalition partner the Greens demand the change.

    I am not like Adolf Hitler! I do not say anything and everything that any voter whatsoever wants to hear just to gain power.

    My wife did not run a job centre that collected millions from taxpayers by forcing people on Newstart to attend her establishments
    As dictated by the law to obtain Newstart and even though the Australian Newspaper wrote a whole article on how she found a loop hole in the British laws to become a director/shareholder making millions from the Brits by doing the same thing over there.

    There are no jobs over there so the whole thing is a money making farce with only money into the troughs of the jobs centres.

    I will cut down immigration so ordinary Aussies can still afford rates, utility costs, get into hospitals without dying before they get
    Healed, have adequate protection against rape and robbery and be able to sing their own religious songs at Easter and Christmas without offending anyone.

    I will l provide housing for people that get sick or lose their jobs for no fault of their own so they do not have to wait twenty years for them while new arrivals get prioritised ahead of them.

    I will look out for our military and make sure they get all the back up they need on their return to this country of both health and housing issues.

    I will protect our farmers so the Australians that built this great country can still eat and not be held to ransom for food at some later date just like we have allowed to happen with the gas, oil and coal.

    We will keep this country (or what is left of it) for the Australians that are already here and put limits on immigration of about 35,000/40,000 per year.

    We will cut back the levels of government while keeping those already in employ by using them for things we pay dearly for in the private sector.

    We will treat this country with respect and we will listen to what Australians want and not run off at the mouth without thinking about the consequences.


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