MPs may be given free vote on late-term abortion Bill

Following is a recent post from RUAP facebook, including a Herald Sun article titled, ‘MPs may be given free vote on late-term abortion Bill’.

Benjamin Franklin once said that, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

In Victoria, that statement applies to many who DON’T even get to celebrate their first BIRTHDAY!

From the Herald Sun, “MPs may be given free vote on late-term abortion Bill. It is understood Liberal and Labor MPs are likely to be given a free vote on the issue when DLP MP Rachel Carling-Jenkins introduces a Private Member’s Bill later this year.

Sources from multiple parties in the Upper House have told the Herald Sun a vote on the Bill, which would stop women who are more than 20 weeks’ pregnant from legally having an abortion, would be close”.…/mp…/story-fni0fit3-1227575424975

Recent birthday boy, Daniel Nalliah, backs Rachel Carling-Jenkins to the hilt. In fact, it’s a done deal.

[Viewers are reminded that Victoria possesses the most hideous Abortion Laws in the World. A baby’s life can be destroyed – and body parts sold – up to NINE months after conception]

In August of last year, Rise up Australia Party signed a Tripartite agreement with the Australian Christians and RCJ’s DLP. An act of vigilant transparency, the deal gave preference according to “shared values” rather than personal strategic advantage.

Undoubtedly, RUAP preferences in the west of Melbourne ensured victory for RCJ, a modern Wilberforce on the slavery, torture and annihilation of the unborn. Here, here.

This Infant Viability Bill, when passed, will save precious souls being butchered by the likes of Greens’ and Sex Party proponents, common decency refutes their tag of “Clinical Doctors” or “Health Practitioners”.

Body parts’ sales occur here. Not just in Oklahoma or west Virginia! Why do you think there have been NO statistics on the moral”crime” of abortion for seven years. Many baby carcasses are used as landfill.

Just as previously strong Christian Nations are tumbling to Islam and a NWO Agenda, just as the Roman empire fell not to a military invasion but absolute moral degradation, the lessons must be received that family and every Australian life has worth.

A society can not be judged by Turnbull’s “big end of town”, but on how it treats its most vulnerable.

As banned Free Speech advocate, and the “Geert Wilders of the voiceless womb”, Troy Newman would say, killing of the unborn up to birth, IS A NO BRAINER.

One was heart warmed to see quadruple Hawthorn Premiership champion, Jordan Lewis carry his 6 day-old son, Fred, up to the victory dais at the MCG on that “last day in September”.

NOTA BENE: Fred was LEGALLY allowed to be killed whilst daddy Jordan was competing in Fremantle the previous week!
Enough is enough!

Rise Up Australia
and Keep Australia Australian!

Posted on October 24, 2015 in Rise Up Australia

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