Muslim Agenda in Britian Exposed by Ex Labour MP

Published on Nov 2, 2012

“During his time as International Development Minister Mr Malik was recently exposed for having a strong Islamic agenda which clearly prejudiced his ability to not only carry out his ministerial role, but even to serve as an MP at all, some would argue.

The case came to light after he gave a controversial speech in 2008 (seen here in this video), in which he boasted about his “good work” which had enabled him to give away almost a billion pounds of British tax payers money to Islamic countries including Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, (all countries with links to terrorism, Islamic extremism and questionable human rights records), with nearly half the money, some £430 million, going to his own country of origin, Pakistan.

The main supporter of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and source of terrorist attacks on British citizens overseas, and in the UK. It get’s better though.

This “unbiased and impartial” Minister also boasted how the number of Muslim MP’s elected would eventually grow to a point where the “whole of Westminster will be Muslim” and “even the Prime Minister will be Muslim”.

Is this the type of politician the British voters (and Labour supporters in particular) want to have representing them in Westminster? Mr Malik lost his Dewsbury seat in the 2010 election, and thankfully has now been firmly booted out of Westminster after his MP expenses swindle scandal was widely reported in the media, and which was ironically the reason for his downfall.”

Please note that the current London Mayor is a Muslim.


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