National Australia Day meeting in Melbourne

Part of crowd on Australia DayAt the recent National Australia Day meeting in Melbourne, more than 300 people gathered to celebrate our great nation, to pray for God’s protection and blessings.RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah sharing vision for 2020

Rise Up Australia Party National President Daniel Nalliah shared his 2020 vision for Australia to ‘Keep Australia Australian’.

He stated, “We must stand up now before it is too late if we are to protect Australia and ‘Keep it Australian’ for generations to come. Rise up Australia Party is totally committed to protecting our Australian culture and way of life. We take much pride in our Judeo-Christian heritage and our flag, for which many of our forefathers, young men and women in uniform have died. May God Bless Australia this Australia Day.”

Passionate patriotic Australians from many nations, who call Australia home, gathered at this meeting. These proud Aussies came carrying their Aussie flags and waved them with great joy as all sang our National Anthem ‘Advance Australia Fair’.

VOTE 1 – Rise Up Australia Party on Sep 14th and Keep Australia Australian.

Posted on January 31, 2013 in Guest Speakers, Rise Up Australia

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