New England By-election

It was much work putting up signs on the morning of Sat 2nd of December. Then manning polling booths for the rest of the day. After polling had finished I had to then go and find all the sign I had put up. I may have missed one- I am very sorry about that.
At 8pm I made the trip by car back to Sydney where I picked up my husband, and drove to the airport to catch a plane back to Melbourne. I just made it as I could barely stay awake, stopping for naps as I went.

All in all it was an exciting full on day.
It was a great pleasure to support our Candidate Donald ‘Trump’ Cranney, who laboured very hard Campaigning in the electorate with his son Mark for two weeks prior to the election.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Donald for the dedication, commitment and passion he showed as he tirelessly worked for his nation, the farming community and Rise Up Australia Party.
I would also like to thank all other RUAP team members who put in the extra mile and gave up their Saturday and travelled long distances to be in the Electorate to help.
A special thanks to Cristian Walker, Qld RUAP President, and his friend Paul from One Nation, who also helped. Also many thanks to Maree Nichols, NSW Senate Candidate (2016) for travelling up from Sydney, to man booths.
I am really proud of the team we have at RUAP – We are happy to serve because we love our Country, and desire to see all people reap the benefits of their own hard work in this nation.
We promote Judeo Christian values because we believe these values work best for all people.

Above is a Rise Up Australia Party Core Flute on the roadside of the New England H W.

Donald’s corflute on a farming property in Barnaby Territory.
Basically there were very few opposition posters up. It was very much ‘Barnaby Joyce Land’

Yvonne Gentle mans a booth in Tamworth; everything is drenched as it rained most of the afternoon.

This has been a Rise Up Australia Party update.

God Bless you and thank you for you support.
Yours in keeping Australia Great!


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