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Rise Up Australia Party (The Christian Conservative Patriotic Voice) will be running in our second by-election in 4 months. We have run candidates across Australia in elections since 2013; included the two federal elections and selected state elections. Every election is a challenge as we endeavour to present truths to the Australian people and major Parties, however we have increased our voting percentage in the electorates and been rewarded by governments taking on board certain values and policies of ours and implementing them in their own policies. This is a victory for us and the Nation.

Bearing this in mind we now take this opportunity to let you know that we are very serious about the Nation’s future.

The March 17 By-election in Batman Victoria is fast approaching.
And ……
We are pleased to announce that Yvonne Gentle, our National Secretary is our candidate for Batman.

She is a business woman and philanthropist, having run a family company and business for over 25 years. Simultaneously she was working for an Australian manufacturing industry in the Batman electorate as a Company Rep for over 20 years.
Yvonne has worked with many people groups to this current time, and passionately believes in the Party’s core value of many Ethnicities yet only one Culture – Australian Culture.
It’s a reflection of our party’s growth in public awareness and the needs of the Australian people, that we are able to stand a candidate of Yvonne’s calibre and enthusiasm to serve.

Because the Liberals will not be running in this election, it means the Greens have a high chance of taking the seat. We don’t want to see this happening. We want to give the people of Batman the chance to vote for a more conservative, balanced party that has the whole community at heart and send a message to Canberra to that effect.

With your help, Yvonne and Rise Up Australia Party can make a difference in Batman. We can stop the far left from rising up and taking over, and advocate for more common-sense decisions in this electorate as well as the State.
We are ready to take on the challenge and make a difference.

We need your help now as there is much to do in a short time! Your generous donation will be of enormous help to us, empowering us to keep on, fighting for you and the Australian way.

Daniel Nalliah

Party President


Donations and info

Rise Up Australia party uses Pay Pal which is on our Website []- Just hit the Donate button which is on the front page of our website, in the red bar. Direct debit details are also available, and we accept cheques.

Any other offers of help or if you have an enquiry, please ring the office [03 8795 7544] from 10am – 5pm Monday to Thursday.

Or you can leave a message and we will get back to you.


Rise Up Australia Party  – ‘The Christian Conservative Patriotic Voice’

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