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DrueryEditThe Bolt Report on Channel 10 is a good place to find a more even handed approach to anything you would normally get from the Lame-stream media. Having said that, it is also important to realise Andrew Bolt also operates to a biased agenda.

Last Sunday’s show was an example of this. Both Bolt and the Liberal’s Michael Kroger looked down upon Senator Jacqui Lambie’s performance, and questioned her right to be in Parliament. Kroger went one step further and stated Lambie, Lazarus and Muir had no right to be there. It was up to guest Glenn Druery (the preference whisperer) to point out that it was the major parties that had set up the current legislation allowing the three of them to get elected to the Upper House.

Kroger went on to state that the Minor Party Senators were blocking the Government’s attempt to push through the budget.

What we would like to point out to Michael Kroger, is that if the Labor Party had won the seats then the Budget would still be blocked. In other words it is not the Minor Parties that are blocking a “good budget” but rather the whole opposition, which is blocking the budget.

As a Minor Party we take exception to Kroger’s remarks. The three Senators may not be as qualified as most of the other Senators, and we don’t necessarily agree with what they say, but they are representative of the voters in Australia. Just because they disagree with what the Liberal Party is trying to do does not make them stupid. In fact the opposite is probably true.

Voters today are sick of being pushed around by both of the Major Parties and are looking for some viable alternatives. The fact that the Budget is being blocked, says more about the Liberal Party’s lack of ability to negotiate, rather than the ability of the Minor Parties Senators to do their jobs properly. Perhaps Kroeger should be saying that the Liberals are the ones who should not be in Government. They certainly don’t appear to comprehend yet that voters attitudes towards dictatorial government are at an all-time low. If the Liberals are not prepared to listen, then they may be out of Parliament long before Lambie, Lazarus or Muir.

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  1. John Lambourne
    March 29, 2015 at 9:30 am ·

    Dear Danny
    Your article on the Bolt report about minor party Senators. Being critical of Costa & Bolt re their comments about Lambie & Lazarus and your response re the lack of negotiating skills of the Liberal Party. Is in itself hypercritical in that you infer the Liberal Party may lose government. As Christians we are not to judge others But just looking at Jackie Lambie’s character (what she has already said in various interviews)would make you question her ability to represent her constituents.

    • Admin
      March 30, 2015 at 8:45 am ·

      Dear John
      The article was pointing out that the disdain shown by Kroger towards the Minor Parties, and Lambie, Lazarus and Muir in particular, is not appreciated by the Minor Parties. The Major Parties made up the rules for the elections and they were beaten fair and square at their own game. There is no use crying out over spilt milk.
      We were being critical of the Liberal Party. Based on current polling they would lose an election if it was held now. If they don’t change the way that they handle the voters they will be out within 3 years, but Lambie, Lazarus and Muir have a six year term so will still be there. Negotiation 101 says that you should not antagonise people that you need favours from.
      Both Kennett & Howard learned that it is not a good idea to be too arrogant. The Liberal Party needs to learn from their lessons and not keep on making the same mistakes over and over again.

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