Norman Baker – House of Representatives Candidate for La Trobe, VIC.

Norman F. Baker was a Second World War baby born in the Wimmera Base Hospital, Horsham, Victoria. For most of the first 12 years of Norman’s life he lived in Jung on his parent’s farm located 22.5 km north-east of Horsham; beautiful country surrounded by 10’s of 1000’s of acres of farming land, and the highest point in the Wimmera.

Norman attended the local Jung State School then moved to Horsham High School for Years 7-9. When the family relocated to West Gippsland he studied at Koo-Wee-Rup Higher Elementary School in Year 10 and successfully repeated Year 10 at Warragul High, whilst living on the family owned dairy farm out of Catani in West Gippsland. He always found time for his favourite sports; cricket, soccer and a bit of tennis and he excelled in long-distance running.

At the age of 16 Norman entered the Engineering Division of the PMG (Post Master General) Technician Training School in West Melbourne to undertake a 7 year course, and graduated as a “Senior Technician of Telecommunications”.

Norman also had a keen interest in aircraft and later qualified with the Department of Civil Aviation (D.C.A.) as a Light Aircraft Instructor and achieved over 1,000hrs total flying experience, of which 500+ of those hours, instructional as Pilot in command.

He has always shared a strong affinity with his local community. Norman was Superintendent of two Sunday Schools, as well as Pastor for 15 years of the “Christian Revival Crusade” church in Catani, Victoria. He also spent 23 years as a classroom teacher at Warragul Technical School imparting his skills to the young adults, and enjoyed other varied experiences such as school bus driver, maintenance man and heavy vehicle Mud truck driver.

Norman was happily married for 39 years to Valerie M. Hams. In 2003 Valerie passed away from cancer. Together they raised four children, two girls and two boys. In 2007 Norman married Marie Rosemay Tadebois, and they have made their home in Longwarry.

Norman says he has never really had political ambitions, but in his lifetime in Australia he has witnessed vast changes, especially in the morals and patronage of the nation. He has been offered an opportunity in this coming Federal Election to do what he can to resist the downward spiral in morals, corruption, and the real threat of internal takeover by Islam.

Norman Baker is pleased and excited to be a Candidate for Rise Up Australia Party in the Electorate of La Trobe.

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Call on 0411 299 323

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