On The Road Again!

Rise Up Australia Party is preparing to campaign for the Victorian State Elections with a ‘new look’ banner and a sound common sense message.

The Vic. State Elections will be held on the 24th of November this year and RUAP will be running candidates as INDEPENDENTS
for the Party.

Our Number 1 Policy for the state election is:

NO to the (un)SAFE SCHOOLS PROGRAM (SSP) in our schools.
Currently 98% of our Govt. schools are running this program in their School curriculum. …
A program that Parents are largely unaware of – and what it teaches;
that students are too afraid to tell their parents about; and …
that schools are bribed with large sums of money to run.
Unfortunately Aussie young people are paying the price, with many of them suffering depression and psychological issues, social instability and even suicides.

Because they are being taught and even encouraged that they can choose or change their gender;
they can experiment with same sex acts to find out if they are attracted to their own sex;
they can attend school dressed up as the opposite sex, and more.

This program is designed to plays with the immaturity and undeveloped thinking of children from kindergarten up.
And who is paying for it?
We are! The taxpayer! The parents, grandparents and families of the current generation of school children. Yes! We are unwittingly helping to brainwash them because we are unaware of what is being taught in our schools.

RUAP believes now is the time to act. Say NO to alternative lifestyles being taught in our schools, and bring back stability to our education system.
This November, say NO to the Labor Government who have committed to keep funding this detrimental, perilous, life changing and confusing program.
Give the right back to parents to educate their children according to their own values.
Bring back the importance of the family structure to our society.
Educate children in regard to boundaries; how to have and maintain them in order to live in a safe and secure manner.

Help save our Children in Victoria!

At present this program is voluntary – it is up to the individual school to decide whether it will go into their curriculum. Therefore we need to act now to stop the SSP from becoming mandatory in any school. We can do this by getting rid of the Andrews Labor Government, who say they are committed to funding and paying large sums of money to secure it in school curriculums. If it becomes mandatory in Government schools it will then spread to Private (some have put it in already) and the program will become compulsory for all Victorian Education facilities.

Who would have ever thought that a program such as this would be taught in Australian schools?

VOTE 1 for your INDEPENDENT candidate from Rise Up Australia Party this November!!

Written by Yvonne Gentle for Rise Up Australia Party.

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