Crime is on the increase in Victoria. The 2012/2013 Victoria Police Crime Statistics show that the number of offences recorded increased by 3.4% year on year.

The appalling fact, however, is that while “Crime against Property” decreased by 1.2%, “Crime against the Person” increased by 7.2%.(1)

The 5 top crime postal codes in Victoria are:-

No. of Crimes No. of Crimes %        
P/Code Name   2012/13 2011/12 Increase        
3000 Melbourne City 21471 18834 14.0
3175 Dandenong/Bangholme 8207 8023 2.3
3199 Frankston 7430 6790 9.4
3020 Sunshine/Albion 6060 5660 7.1
3350 Ballarat+North/Alfredton 6052 6067 -0.3


Eight Postal Codes had increases in crime of over 30% year on year, and it is important that police understand why we are having these unacceptable increases, and institute procedures to bring them under control. The 8 highest growth rates in crime postal codes are:-

No. No. %
P/Code Name   2012/13 2011/12 Increase
3380 Stawell/Bellellen/Concongella 1658 599 176.79
3132 Mitcham/Heatherdale/Rangeview 934 647 44.36
3909 Lakes Entrance/Lake Bunga 955 668 42.96
3003 West Melbourne 614 443 38.60
3818 Drouin+South+West/Jindivick 807 584 38.18
3200 Frankston North 832 609 36.62
3166 Oakleigh/Oakleigh East/Huntingdale 1913 1427 34.06
3875 Bairnsdale+East/Walpa/Lucknow 1898 1416 34.04


While we applaud all the work that the Liberal Party has already done in Victoria on Crime, by increasing the size of the Police Force,(2) and decreasing violence on trains, it is now time to start work on the root of the problem. Assault has grown by 10.0% year on year and this figure needs to be urgently reduced. The Australian population at large need to be educated on the fact that domestic violence is never acceptable as a solution under any circumstance.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies has found that men, women and children are at their most vulnerable to family violence when parents are separating, meaning that support services to assist families during breakdown form a vital piece of the puzzle.(3)

Rise Up Australia Party knows that there is no easy answer. We will work with various organisations to remove, or reduce, as many of the problems as we can, while increasing prison terms for repeat offenders.

It is also time to acknowledge that the victim is the aggrieved party, and that they have more rights than the criminal. Criminals will have no right to privacy.(4) Where immigrants are involved in crime RUAP will not accept the defence that the crime was acceptable in their country.(5)

RUAP stands for One Law – Australian Law.

RUAP is committed to the following:

  1. The re-introduction of parental discipline at all levels of society.
  2. Education campaigns in schools to bring back a respect for all peoples, particularly teachers.
  3. To work with the community sector to develop programs to pick up where there is a shortage of real discipline in the home, and provide mentoring to single parents where necessary.
  4. Teach children in schools about the long term effects of alcohol abuse, smoking, and drugs on their physical bodies, as well as their lives.
  5. Teach children the effects of Divorce on families and what happens to the children in these families.
  6. The introduction of tougher penalties for all repeat offenders.
  7. Mandatory minimum sentences for all crimes of violence.
  8. Making it mandatory for courts to consider past convictions when determining sentences for repeat offenders.
  9. A no tolerance (no defence) policy for those convicted of violence under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  10. Mandatory rehabilitation programs for criminals where drugs were a factor.
  11. New immigrants to Australia to be deported after serving their sentence for any crimes of violence or rape.


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2) Building a better Victoria

3)  Kaspiew, R., Gray, M., Weston, R., Moloney, L., Hand, K., & Qu, L. ‘Evaluation of the 2006 Family Law reforms’. Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies,, retrieved 21 May 2014.

 4)  Victim not allowed to know where paroled attacker lives to protect his privacy

 5) Australian Judge Finds Muslim “Cultural Differences” Valid Excuse for Rape

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