Peter Dorian – House of Representatives Candidate for Hotham, VIC.

Peter Dorian was born in Chelsea, Victoria, in 1962, the youngest of three children, to a family of Catholic Irish heritage. Peter’s Grandfather fought at Gallipoli, and his uncle in the Second World War, in New Guinea. He attended St Louis de Montfort, an Aspendale Catholic Primary school, and St Bede’s Secondary College Mentone.

Peter was a confident and lively youngster with a good sense of humour and a mischievous nature. He soon found an outlet for his energy by participating in sports, and took up membership with the St Louis tennis club, the Aspendale tennis club, and later, the Aspendale/Edithvale football club.

At Secondary College, Peter found his niche in the performing arts where he studied and excelled in drama. He enjoyed involvement with a club that produced shows in the Mentone Old Time Theatre Company. Peter, amazingly, found time to join the Beaumaris life-saving club, and he participated in several rescues, attended many life-saving carnivals, and earned the title of ‘Bay Iron man’.

After leaving school, Peter did a treasury orientation program in Art Design at TAFE while working in the hospitality industry part-time. His first permanent position was with Coles Myer where he was employed in Advertising as a clerk at Head Office. He quickly realised that there was very little remuneration in Art and took on a position as a Salesman for a Carpet company. This led to varied career opportunities in sales of carpets, as well as motor cars. Moving on from sales he discovered the transport industry and took on work as a Motorbike courier, which he found was a far more profitable and enjoyable vocation.

Peter married his childhood sweetheart, Angela, left the courier industry and moved to Moe in country Victoria. The couple also lived in far north Queensland, where Peter worked in the Public Service, and still holds a casual position there today. It was while working in this position that he learned of the gross mismanagement by public servants of the taxpayer’s money. Peter has strong affinity with the local community and currently works in Aged Care. He is a qualified, Certificate 4, Disability Carer. He spends his leisure time playing golf, tennis and being a Dad to his young son.

In his spare time he has been volunteering for the Rise Up Australia Party office and driving their bus to assist in campaigning as well as travelling around with the Rise Up Australia Party Mobile Bill Board.

Peter Dorian is a very passionate candidate in the Electorate of Hotham for Rise Up Australia Party because he believes it is time to raise up politicians who can better handle tax-payer’s money.

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