Philip Mollison – House of Representatives Candidate for Mallee, VIC.

Philip Mollison was born in Melbourne and moved as a small child to Dixon’s Creek where he lived for most of his young years on the family dairy farm. The family moved to Telopea Downs in the far west of Victoria, where he attended Kaniva High school. Philip who has always been a man of the Land, found early employment which involved working on the farms of absentee owners. After some time, Philip moved back to the Yarra Valley and perused a Fencing Contractors Career. In 2004, he moved to Mildura with his wife and two children, to buy a 10-acre (4.2) hectare block in Koorlong with 300 Tarcian Lime trees on it. From here he worked as an Agricultural Contractor in the Nangiloc and Colignan area.

Because he worked as a sub-contractor, in the field of drainage and irrigation, he realised how important good water supply is. “Water management is vital in the Mallee and northern Victorian regions, he says, of which the main water storages are held in the Hume Weir and Dartmouth Dam. If there is not a continual flow rain, there is no water”.

Philip Mollison, 65, enjoys water sport and is a member of the Mildura Life Saving Club. He and his wife Ann, children Benjamin and Leah, all live on their (Koorlong) block, outer Mildura where water is a big issue. He stated that his reason for joining Rise Up Australia Party was, “because they care about the people on the land and the welfare of country communities, they have good ongoing policies to deal with and overcome many of the problems rural people face and they are working on solutions to help to prevent others”.

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