Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s national security address

Tony AbbottRise Up Australia Party has been vilified by both major Parties for their stance on the threat of Islam to Australia. The then Labor Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus, claimed that we were being over dramatic and that terrorism would never happen here in Australia.

The Liberal Party put Rise Up Australia Party behind every single Party, bar the Greens, in the Victorian Election in November, because they did not want to be linked to a party talking out about the threat of Islam to Australia.

They have finally been forced to admit that what our President Daniel Nalliah has been saying for the last 15 years has finally descended on Australia. We are at war with Islamic Terrorism.

Tony Abbott is now passing laws to protect the citizens of Australia. We commend him on that, even if it is years too late. You can read his speech at the AFP headquarters in Canberra here:-

Posted on February 24, 2015 in Discussion, Policies, Rise Up Australia

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  1. John
    February 25, 2015 at 9:03 pm ·

    Well done Rise up Australia party, you are doing a great job of exposing the negative effects of mass third word immigration. Sadly though if the lack of comments are to go by, the average Australian will not wake up until just like the average European its way too late.
    I once lived in London from 1966 off and on until 2003. During that time I saw the area that I once used to go to the shops with my Gran burn’t to the ground at least twice, due to immigrants or their off spring. In 2011 I watched from Australia an old furniture shop in Tottenham that my mam and Dad purchased their first sofa for their first flat also burn to the ground, because some immigrant drug dealer got shot!
    I’ve just watched Paul Murray live and although he touched on a few things none in the media will admit to the total farce of mass uncontrolled immigration. Good luck in your endeavours, but you are fighting against a brick wall because all the political main stream parties have sanctioned mass immigration without checks or balances and they will never admit that they have totally destroyed their own countries.
    You will sadly only gain votes just like the the UKIP in England when it is way too late!

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