Reconciliation at campaign meetings in Townsville – Indigenous & Anglo-Saxon Australians weep & ask forgiveness / Daniel Nalliah of RUAP at Endeavour Forum in Melbourne Sat 22 June

Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) The RUAP campaign meetings in Townsville and Ingham were just absolutely fantastic. Rise Up Australia Party campaign meetings are attracting around 50% non-church going people who absolutely love Australia and want to Keep it Australian. These are true blue Aussies who have had enough of crazy political correctness rapidly eroding our free and democratic rights, such as the removal of Christmas nativity scenes because someone has complained.

This is very exciting as RUA Party is for all Aussies who love their country. It was so encouraging to see the local newspapers write up a fantastic article about RUAP, also the editor of the paper writing a fantastic piece also promoting RUAP, in addition to the local radio station 99.FM promoting the meetings. We thank the media for good accurate coverage. Many who gathered at the meetings signed up for membership.

Click the following links to read both newspaper articles.

The highlight of this trip was what happened on Sunday night in Townsville at a public hall. It was most unexpected. We were very surprised to see around 100 people at the meeting with around 50%  Indigenous Australians. The meetings started off with the Australian National Anthem and what happened next was extraordinary.

Daniel Nalliah the President of RUAP got up to give his speech, share his story and vision for Australia. Daniel stated, “I was deeply moved by the presence of so many Indigenous Australians and others coming together for a political party campaign meeting. As I was standing in front of them, my heart was filled with compassion and love, which I knew was from the heart of Jesus.”

He then invited all Indigenous people to come to the front and thanked them for opening their country for the rest of us and then led them in a prayer, as we all know very well that the Indigenous people are very spiritual.  Next, all the non-Indigenous Aussies stood up, clapping, honoring and thanking these beautiful Indigenous people for sharing their land with us, asking forgiveness for the wrong done to them by our forefathers.

This broke down a massive wall and many eyes were filled with tears, as the Indigenous people received the apology and welcomed them all. In the next few minutes, what happened cannot be expressed in words as white and black Australians hugged each other with some weeping on each other’s shoulders. There was great healing and reconciliation at this campaign meeting.

Click the following link to watch a 30 second video clip.

Daniel stated, “One of the greatest needs in our nation is the healing of hurts & offenses from the past. We need to deal with these issues in order to bring true reconciliation. Indigenous people know when someone is true or false, as they are deeply spiritual. An apology for the sake of doing it will not bring true healing and reconciliation. It has to come from your heart and that’s what happened in Townsville.

It was most interesting and very significant that this happened in Townsville as this city was named after a man (Robert Towns) who was very much involved in the slave trade. We believe that there was a significant breakthrough for our nation on Sunday night. We hope this will happen all across Australia when we’re in government.

Well done to the RUAP QLD State Executive Team & the Townsville Branch for all their hard work.

2) On the 6th Anniversary of the Victorian Supreme Court victory for Freedom of Speech,  Daniel Nalliah will also be speaking, with other lead Senate Candidates for Victoria from 3 other political parties at the Endeavour Forum Inc. Public Meeting “Why should we vote for you?” at 2 pm, Saturday, 22nd June 2013 at the O’Hanlon Centre, Mitchell St in Mentone (Melbourne).

All welcome, $5 donation appreciated. RSVP: Mrs. Prue Oldham ((03) 9583 6835 or Mrs. Margaret Butts, (03) 8588 1792.

Car parking available on St. Patrick’s School grounds, entrance via Childers St.

Rising Up Australia and Keep Australia Australian.

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  1. Melanie V
    June 18, 2013 at 5:27 pm ·

    It is so encouraging seeing and hearing about the impact that Daniel Nalliah through Rise Up Australia Party has been having on so many people across nation. He seems to be the only one in the political arena actually doing something productive, stepping out boldly, travelling the length and breadth of Australia and actually ministering to the people and voicing what they have to say concerning this beautiful country. Well done Daniel, keep up the great momentum, your bearing great fruit across the land. Melanie v

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